Part One: How can I Maximize the Value of my Sponsorship Opportunities?

By Carrie Urban Kapraun Jan 15, 2010

One of the most common questions that I hear is: “How can I maximize the value of my corporate sponsorship opportunities?”

This can be a daunting question for a property because there are numerous potential answers and generally there isn’t one “right” answer. There are both short-term solutions, such as adding overlooked tangible benefits to a package, or enhancing existing benefits and long-term solutions, such as increasing awareness of your organization. As always, the answer is unique to each property. My next few blogs, at a high-level, will focus on answering various aspects of this question. Let’s start at the beginning…

First, an understanding of your property is required. This involves internal and external analysis, ongoing research and an open mind.

Know your competition and properties that have successful corporate sponsorship programs

If you haven’t already, I would recommend taking time to develop lists of properties including:

  1. Sponsorable organizations that are in the same category/sector regardless of location
  2. Any sponsorable organization in your market area
  3. Properties that attract corporate sponsors that you would like to work with regardless of their category/sector or location

Once you have compiled the list, you can prioritize a handful of properties that should be the focus of additional in-depth research. The in-depth research can include a detailed analysis of their corporate sponsors and a breakdown of their overall sponsorship offering.

Know what people are really thinking

Start a dialogue with your organization’s leaders, staff, members, volunteers, vendors, customers, sponsors, corporate partners, etc. This can be a combination of surveys and in-person interviews. Ultimately, you will gain valuable insights that can help guide decision making. If you have a current sponsorship program, determine what is and isn’t working. Here, you will want to spend time developing thoughtful questions. If you are going to spend the time to talk to all your stakeholders, you want to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Know what you have to offer

Take inventory of all your potential tangible assets. By tangible assets I mean benefits such as advertising, signage, publications, mailing lists, talent, etc. Don’t try to filter the assets by importance, include anything and everything. Consider owned and borrowed assets and include assets that are not fully developed that could be implemented in the future. Incorporate feedback from your interviews. Additionally, it might help to divide the assets by category or by organizational area to make the list more manageable. Once you have a list of all of your assets, you can then move to creating sponsorship packages.

These steps can be done simultaneously or individually, but keep in mind, that to complete each of the above a relatively significant amount of time is required. It can often take months to complete each one. In order to be successful, remember to set realistic completion dates.

Finally, understanding your organization is one of the first steps. Your findings will then need to be implemented and put into action.


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