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Building on the 35-year legacy of sponsorship pioneer IEG, ESP Properties—a WPP Company—was founded in 2015 as a new type of agency dedicated to helping properties unlock more value from their audiences and brand partnerships.

While continuing to provide thought leadership across the industry through the annual conference, publications, webinars, etc., ESP Properties works directly with rightsholder clients to take advantage of digital and data-driven changes in the media landscape.

What are these changes?

There are now more ways for teams, events, leagues, federations, venues, digital platforms and other rightsholders to reach and grow their audiences directly. In an age of on-demand media, fans can access what they want, often with fewer interruptions from traditional advertising.

In addition, access to data has made it possible for rightsholders to develop true insights into the individuals who make up their audiences: who they are, what they want, and how and when they want it.

With the right commercial strategy, this direct interaction offers rightsholders the opportunity to better understand their audiences, develop more relevant ways to engage with them, and provide potential brand partners with personalized connections with their communities of fans.

That’s where we come in: By creating value for audiences and commercial partners, we generate sustainable revenue growth for our clients.

We are part of WPP, the world’s leading communications services company, working with 350 of the Fortune 500 brands.

Through our enduring relationships with brands and award-winning creative services, nobody is better placed to both create the most relevant ways to speak to fans and understand the world’s most active brand partners.

Global Network

Our business has more than 150 specialists across 10 locations around the world, led by a management team with both the experience and vision to meet the new needs of rightsholders.

ESP Properties has hubs across New York, Chicago, London and Singapore, plus additional teams in Los Angeles, Mexico City and Dubai amongst others.

New York
825 Seventh Avenue
New York, New York 10019
+1 212 973 9898

350 North Orleans Street
Suite 1200
Chicago, Illinois 60654
+1 312 725 5100

15 St John Street
London, EC1M 4AA
+44 (0) 207 1584066

18 Cross Street
China Square Central, #04-01 & 03
Singapore 048423
+65 9232 3587

Gareth Balch, CEO of ESP Properties EMEA and Two Circles

Matthew Wigham, CEO of ESP Properties APAC

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