What Twitter Lists Mean for Properties

By Rob Campbell Nov 11, 2009

Last week Twitter fully opened up its Lists function, adding yet another wrinkle to the social media site.

Lists containing any number of Twitter users can be created and followed, offering a great way to tailor the Twitter experience.

For properties using Twitter, there are a few immediate takeaways from this new feature that will allow you to both build the loyalty of your following and give your sponsors incremental value.

(It is important to note that whatever a property does on Twitter shouldn’t live in cyberspace alone. In other words, social media sponsorship should not be offered by itself but instead as an activation of an existing sponsorship.)

Before diving into the specific sponsorship aspect of Lists, it is important to note how they can help your social media efforts in general.

Improved communications. If you’re a property with several different Twitter accounts, the Lists feature allows you to easily compile a directory of all those accounts.
This grouping and segmentation offers properties an improved way to communicate with fans, providing a better overall experience by allowing easier access to the content they are most interested in. Several news outlets with numerous content areas, reporters, etc., including The New York Times, are using this method of synthesizing their tweets and sources.

Increased interaction with followers: The Lists function lets you easily identify and establish closer connections with your most fervent followers. A List of such super fans can be easily established by posting tweets asking fans who wish to be added to the List to reply back. The NHL has created team fan lists on its Twitter page following this model.

As for adding value for your sponsors:

Sponsor integration:

  • Compiling a List of your sponsors is a good first step to giving added value to existing relationships
  • Creating a List of fans who would opt-in to receive sponsor communications could demonstrate to sponsors how devout a following you have and allow them to run promotions to an engaged group
  • As a more advanced method of integration, properties could entice users to follow their “Sponsors List” in exchange for promotional offers. Ideally, your sponsors would create custom accounts specific to your property to facilitate such interaction
  • A sponsor could also take a proprietary program to Twitter, for example creating a List of upcoming bands, performers or attractions already on Twitter


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