A Good Time to Reflect: Takeaways for Sponsors from the 2012 Olympic Games

By Lesa Ukman Nov 20, 2012

A Good Time to Reflect: Takeaways for Sponsors from the 2012 Olympic Games

Some three months after the closing ceremonies of London’s Summer Olympic Games we are still being asked what lessons there are for sponsors. Below are my talking points; I would love to hear yours:

  • Draconian ambush laws work against the event and the sponsors
  • Activation (not the level of sponsorship) drives ROI
  • Sponsors must earn fan attention and credit, it is not automatic
  • The most effective approach for earning fan attention and credit is one of shared value—giving back to the fans, the sport and the community. This is accomplished by:
    • Addressing social issues (Coca-Cola’s StreetGames partnership and sustainability overlay; Lloyds’ National School Sport Week)
    • Enhancing experiences/ access (BA Live Sites; Holland Heineken House; Visa’s Cheer for the Team; GE’s HealthyShare app; Samsung’s genome app)
    • Supporting the ecosystem (P&G Family House; Lloyds’ Local Heroes; Powerade Sports Academy; GE Legacy program)
    • Enabling and rewarding participation (P&G’s “Submit Your Thank You Mom Video and Win a Trip to the Games”; Visa’s Cheer for the Team; BA’s Tweets-into-Tunes; Coca-Cola’s My Beat Maker)
    • Creating content, not just badging it (Coca-Cola Presents Beat TV; EDF Energy of the Nation; Adidas video with Snoop Dogg and the GB basketball team)
  • Sponsors say as much about the rightsholder as the rightsholder says about its sponsors (Partners such as BP opened up the Olympics to widespread criticism)
  • Invest in your next generation of fans; youth outreach/relevance is critical


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