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Diane Knoepke

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Diane is managing director, client leadership for ESP Properties, where she supports the consulting team’s growth and innovation. Throughout her career, she has advised more than 50 property and brand clients on marketing and social value creation, sales, measurement and strategy. She delights in helping people change organizations more effectively. Follow Diane on Twitter!

Diane Knoepke Oct 6

Your In-kind Sponsorship Agenda: Questions to Ask Before Signing
In-kind is on the brain. Big time. I’ve talked with no less than a half-dozen clients in the last ten days about one or more in-kind and/or barter sponsorship arrangements they are negotiating. In some cases, companies are trying to leverage product or promotional inventory to eliminate part or all of their cash outlay; in others, properties are targeting companies based on the potential for access to their product. Yet the common thread throughout our conversations has been more about the questions they need to be asking than the type of inventory they are negotiating.

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