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IEG 2010: Key Takeaways for Nonprofit Partnerships

By Dan Kowitz Mar 23, 2010

The evolution of cause marketing, CSR and the entire spectrum of nonprofit partnerships has been an enormous topic of conversation at IEG 2010: Unbound. From the pre-conference session with panelists from Allstate and Children’s Miracle Network to sessions presented by Green Mountain Coffee and Susan G. Komen, there have been some very clear common themes.  Success in nonprofit partnerships for brands and properties alike can be defined based on the following elements:

1. Brand Fit – No matter the company or the nonprofit there is no such thing as ubiquitous fit. Step one in any successful partnership is ensuring that the brands are complimentary in the consumers eyes.

2. Communication – Assuming brand fit is good, clear, consistent and extremely transparent communication regarding every aspect of the partnership is critical.

3. Movements – Corporate and nonprofit partnerships no longer are about quick hit fundraising or promotion. Consumers are demanding true social change and that can only be accomplished through movements with true purpose.

4. Social Media – Your partnerships had better be active in this space or you die.

5. Authenticity – Brand fit, communication, movements and social media matter not if the partnership is not truly authentic. Your partnerships need to do more than talk about authenticity, they need to live and breathe authenticity!

Most of all, you need to remember “Consumers” are people are just like you!


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