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Lesa Ukman Oct 17

What’s the Worst Cause Deal Ever? That’s an Easy One

I was recently asked to name the most damaging cause marketing deal of the past two decades. That dubious honor goes to Sunbeam's alliance with the American Medical Assn. more

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Lesa Ukman Sep 27

Sponsors Activate Nonprofit Partnerships With Social Games

I’ve delivered several presentations recently at sponsor summits and international conferences on using social media to increase the value of nonprofit and cause-related sponsorships.  more

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Lesa Ukman Sep 9

Pepsi Refresh Still Plagued by Bad Practices

My IEG Consulting Group colleagues and I have been pleased to help hundreds of nonprofits— from UNICEF and World Wildlife Fund to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Heart Assn.—generate millions of dollars in nontraditional revenue. We also have teamed with some of the world’s leading brands to value, measure and maximize their ROI on nonprofit partnerships. more

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Jim Andrews Jun 14

AT&T Crosses a Line in Asking Nonprofits to Lobby for Merger

Politico reported last Friday on AT&T’s efforts to build support in Washington for its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by leveraging the tens of millions of dollars it gives nonprofits.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jun 8

Corporate/Cause Partnerships You Should Know

In my last post I promised to post a list of cause marketing programs you should know. Some are one-on-one partnerships, others are corporate/umbrella programs, and others pretty much defy classification.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jun 3

Tough Calls: Competing Priorities in Cause Marketing

What a whirlwind! The Cause Marketing Forum, held this week in Chicago, gathered 450 or so cause marketing professionals from nonprofits, corporate sponsors and agencies together to talk shop and compare notes. The event packed a lot of great content and networking into just over 24 hours. What follows are a few of my takeaways, organized by the competing industry priorities they underscored.  more

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Diane Knoepke May 19

Golden Halo Award Recipients Highlight Trends in Cause Marketing

The Cause Marketing Forum (CMF) Conference is coming up and the 2011 winners of their Golden Halo Awards—eBay and—are worthy and instructive choices. Not only do they shed obvious light on the influence of technology on cause marketing programs, their selection also points to the push for individualism by consumers engaging in cause marketing programs.  more

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Jim Andrews May 16

Look Before You Leap At That First Dollar

A few articles we recently published in IEG Sponsorship Report discuss deals that at first glance appear to offer win-win propositions, but which should be examined more closely. The common question raised in each case is: Does the revenue from the relationship justify what the property is (or might be) giving up?  more

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Diane Knoepke May 13

Attention Drivers v. Value Drivers for Cause/Marketers

Have you checked out the Dynamics of Cause Engagement study released earlier this month by Ogilvy PR and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication? For any one in the nonprofit fundraising or cause marketing business, it provides useful insight into what Americans think are the top causes (“causes” referring, in this case, to issues or content areas rather than specific nonprofit organizations).  more

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