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Diane Knoepke Apr 15

Selling Sponsorship is Different from Fundraising! (And Why That is Total Bunk.)

I had always thought of fundraising and selling sponsorship as dramatically different disciplines. Even when my title included the word “Development” at one point in my career, and even when I ran a small annual giving campaign for an association, I never considered myself a fundraiser. Instead, I “sold sponsorship and marketing relationships,” and I “marketed a [pin] campaign.” I never “asked;” I “sold.” It wasn’t a judgment on either profession; I just put myself in one bucket and stayed there. And I had a lot of company in seeing the nonprofit world as a bucketed, black-and-white place when it comes to corporate relationships.  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 17

Geeked About Best Buy, Children’s of Minnesota

If you spend enough time immersed in sponsorship, it can be easy for deals and activations to run together and not seem all that new or surprising. So it’s not often that a deal makes me sit up and say, “How cool is that?” Well, reading this bit of news made me do just that. Last month, Best Buy opened the first in-hospital Geek Squad tech support precinct at Children’s in Minneapolis, the company’s hometown.  more

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Diane Knoepke Dec 9

You’ve Got Mail (From Senator Grassley): Questions to Ask Yourself Now

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has made it a personal mission to uncover [questionable] relationships between non-profit healthcare groups and pharmaceutical and medical device companies, ostensibly to prevent any censored or conflicted information from making its way into or out of the organizations we trust. This week, 33 more organizations received their "Grassley letters," following in the long line of sigh-inducing paperwork that has ramped up since last fall.  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 13

Extreme Makeover: Sponsorship Edition (Episode #2)

See Episode 1 for information about this blog series. Motel 6’s Great Teddy Bear Roundup Before: This week, Accor North America’s Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands launched the second annual Great Teddy Bear Roundup. This program asks people to donate new teddy bears at Motel 6/Studio 6 drop-off locations. The locations then deliver the teddy bears to local law enforcement, fire stations and hospitals that use the teddy bears “to comfort children experiencing stressful or traumatic situations.” The 2008 campaign yielded 10,000 teddy bear donations across the country. This year, the local police or fire department in the community where the most donations are made will also receive $6,000. Read the Motel 6 press release here.  more

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Jim Andrews Nov 12

New Day In Sponsorship: Nonprofit Pays Cash To Sponsor Nationally Televised Sports Event Skate America begins today in Lake Placid, N.Y., marking a significant development in sponsorship. The title sponsor is the consumer Web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a physician’s membership association. The professional organization is paying a cash fee to U.S. Figure Skating, and told IEG Sponsorship Report last month that this will not be its last sponsorship. “Doing this once is not going to be sufficient. We’re in the process of talking to other organizations,” said Allen Lichter, MD, the association’s CEO.  more

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Diane Knoepke Oct 22

Drug Side Effects Are Pleasant Compared to Results of Over-regulated Relationships

Dizziness? Fainting? Numbness in the extremities? These are child's play compared to the pictures painted by some concerned healthcare industry colleagues yesterday afternoon at an event put on by the Association Forum of Chicagoland. The topic of the event was the codes of ethics and regulations the healthcare industry is implementing that govern activities of companies, healthcare practitioners and the organizations and institutions that represent them.  more

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Diane Knoepke Oct 15

Siemens UK Outfit Puts Together a Classic

The sheer volume of sponsors doing sports/cause cross-property promotions means the approach is no longer trendy. Rather, it’s become a new classic—the sponsorship equivalent of “Jackie O” sunglasses or leather motorcycle jackets. I came across an example yesterday that struck me for how textbook the activation seems—and I mean that in a good way. Siemens sponsors both the Great Britain Rowing Team (GB Rowing) and The Stroke Association in the UK. Siemens is activating them both simultaneously, with a cross-property platform called Stroke for Stroke, which challenges the public to row 10K—inside or outside—to raise funds for the cause. Having looked at the components online and the supporting press, it seems to me that Siemens and its partners are working from a very smart little checklist of how to set these types of promotions up.  more

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Diane Knoepke Oct 7

Now You Can Be Interesting AND Keep Your Soul

In protecting their ethics and standards, too many organizations avoid creativity. Like cutting fat and cholesterol from your diet and deciding that must mean flavor is bad for you too. I am pleased to see GOOD Magazine's partnerships with Gap Inc. and Whole Foods. While you could argue that Whole Foods is a like-minded company that is endemic to GOOD's M.O., Gap surprised me a little bit. In a good way. Sure, they have a history of ethical labor practices (including their response to the 2007 child labor problem in India), but it could be tough for a magazine like GOOD to find truly mainstream partners that are in keeping with their image.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 23

Coming Clean: Cultural Considerations for Sponsorship Sellers

I get a fair number of questions about “sponsorship models”—as in, which sponsorship model will work for my organization or company? Frankly, I bristle at this, as it is the strategic equivalent to handing out oversized oven mitts to do the dishes, when only custom-sized rubber gloves will do. Thus, in this post, I’m speaking to how each property’s unique culture impacts strategy creation. In my next post, I’ll speak to how culture comes in to play for sponsors’ buying strategies.  more

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