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Jim Andrews Mar 30

Sponsorship’s Gap Is Not Between The Big And The Small

Thanks mostly to Twitter, many of you who were not in attendance at IEG’s annual sponsorship conference last week were able to keep up with some of the main themes and ideas explored by speakers and other participants. more

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Lesa Ukman Jul 12

New Developments in Sponsorship and Social Media Come Fast and Furious

Although it was only last December that I presented an IEG Webinar on the topic of sponsorship and social media, preparing for this Thursday’s live webinar on the topic illuminated how quickly social media is changing and how deeply these changes are affecting sponsorship. Indeed, rather than update the presentation, I scrapped it and started over.  more

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Jim Andrews Jul 11

IEG/ANA Event Tackles New Approaches to Sponsorship

I wanted to make sure readers of this blog are aware of an opportunity for corporate marketers to gather and hear best practices and insights from IEG and leading sponsors—for free.  more


Jim Andrews May 23

Perspective on IEG Consulting’s Work With Roush Fenway

One of the tricky things about posting to a corporate blog such as IEG’s is that you don’t want to hijack this—or any other social media—and use it as a platform to promote what the company does. This is a forum for sharing ideas, insights, and observations that people interested in sponsorship will find useful.  more

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Diane Knoepke Mar 10

Owner’s Manual: Assemble Your IEG 2011 Conference

You’ve likely been to quite a few conferences before. And our database tells us that a large number of you have been to the IEG conference before. Yet change is blowing in our refreshing Chicago breeze, so here are some items worth note to ensure you get the most from your time with us. Programming  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jun 11

The Dreaded Sponsorship Naysayer - How One Person Can Totally Derail a Sponsorship Program

In every organization there always seems to be at least one decision maker that either doesn’t like or doesn’t understand sponsorship. Sometimes it is the head honcho, sometimes it is the bean counter, sometimes it is the rain maker, and sometimes it is someone in marketing, legal or human resources. An individual may be afraid that sponsorship would affect his/her specific job or department. Another person may not understand sponsorship’s potential, or he/she may have a personal vendetta against anything sponsorship related (it happens).  more

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Diane Knoepke May 19

The Lists Have It: Corporate Sponsorship Works for Brands

Pat yourself on the back. Not only do you look fabulous today (oh, c’mon, you know you do), you’re pretty brilliant. Specific evidence of your above-average intelligence? You already knew that leading brands use corporate sponsorship to drive/reinforce their brand value and market leadership.  more

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Diane Knoepke Mar 24

IEG 2010: Wednesday Wind Down (Thursday Wind Up!)

While I can't speak for all my colleagues at IEG, I will, just this once: thank you, from all of us, for your energy, your humor, and your hunger for purpose. We capped off the last day of IEG 2010 with great round tables and sessions from impossible2Possible, State Farm, GM, and STIHL. Especially if you had to head out early, I recommend you check back on the dashboard to look at any handouts and the session notes once we get them posted.  more

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Diane Knoepke Mar 16

At Least Fourteen Ways to Up Your R.O.I.: Return On IEG 2010

Before I became an IEGer six years ago, I talked my then employer into sending me to IEG's Annual Sponsorship Conference. Since joining IEG, the event continues to be one of the highlights of my year: a professional defibrillator, a family gathering. There are many attendees and IEGers who have been to many more (or all!) of the 26 IEG Annual Sponsorship Conferences before this one, and who have my six turns heartily beat. With that in mind, I very humbly submit my tips for upping your return on your conference investment.  more

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