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Carrie Urban Kapraun Feb 18

Will Other Online Companies Follow in the Sponsorship Footsteps of AOL and

An AOL press release from earlier this week about AOL’s sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week spurred a thought. I wanted to better understand what online companies such as AOL, Google and YouTube are sponsoring and why online companies aren’t more active in sponsorship.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jan 26

Three Ways to Devalue Your Corporate Sponsorships via Third-Party Fundraising Events

I read a white paper, written by Blackbaud and Event360, this morning that discusses third-party fundraising events and how to maximize them. While there are good nuggets of information about logistics and tracking, the brief does not touch on how to have third-party events live harmoniously with corporate sponsorship. In fact, the paper asserts that “traditional event organizers need to view independent fundraising as supplementary, not competitive, to their existing development portfolio.”  more

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Vinu Joseph Jan 20

Building an Entrepreneurial Culture

In our work with properties, my colleagues and I make a point of looking to maximize every appropriate asset—not just to deliver standard benefits like signage or print recognition, but also to offer truly unique access to influencers or thought leaders that couldn’t be bought otherwise.  more

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Jim Andrews Jan 14

Is Wikipedia A Sponsorable Property?

As a nonprofit organization, can Wikipedia be a cause marketing or strategic philanthropy platform? Would sponsors be interested in partnering with the online pioneering information source? Those are the questions a task force looking at the long-term financial sustainability of the Wikipedia currently is trying to answer. In true wiki fashion, anyone is invited to join the task force.  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 17

Geeked About Best Buy, Children’s of Minnesota

If you spend enough time immersed in sponsorship, it can be easy for deals and activations to run together and not seem all that new or surprising. So it’s not often that a deal makes me sit up and say, “How cool is that?” Well, reading this bit of news made me do just that. Last month, Best Buy opened the first in-hospital Geek Squad tech support precinct at Children’s in Minneapolis, the company’s hometown.  more

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Jim Andrews Dec 15

Is There A Cause Marketer Willing To Not Play It Safe?

In case anyone was wondering what to gift to get me, here’s my one-item grown-up Christmas list. (Man, I have got to stop listening to the all-holiday music station on the way to work.) I have no expectation of finding this gift under the tree, but one can hold out hope for a Christmas miracle, right? I would like to see a corporation have the heart and stomach to conduct a cause marketing or strategic philanthropy campaign that tackle issues beyond those that can be considered safe. This is a threshold rarely even approached in CRM’s 26-year history.  more

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Diane Knoepke Dec 9

You’ve Got Mail (From Senator Grassley): Questions to Ask Yourself Now

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has made it a personal mission to uncover [questionable] relationships between non-profit healthcare groups and pharmaceutical and medical device companies, ostensibly to prevent any censored or conflicted information from making its way into or out of the organizations we trust. This week, 33 more organizations received their "Grassley letters," following in the long line of sigh-inducing paperwork that has ramped up since last fall.  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 3

Sponsorship and the White House Crashers

An interesting item coming out of the White House party crasher story is the couple’s foray into sponsorship in connection with a charity polo event. As this article from The Washington Post points out, the couple staged an international polo match which ended up with dissatisfied attendees, unpaid vendors and charities getting far less than what might have been expected. I’ll let you read the article, but a couple thoughts that came to mind from the situation  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 2

Workplace Giving: Time To Party Or To Pitch In?

Tough economic times have threatened to make the workplace holiday party a thing of the past at some businesses. As this article from points out, some companies are replacing this annual tradition with a donation or a call for community service. While charitable giving and community service are to be commended, I can’t help but think of Seinfeld’s George Costanza’s take on donations in lieu of traditional gifts. Efforts to inspire or motivate employees should be more than an effort to whitewash cost-cutting. If the economy were to regain its strength tomorrow, would the holiday party be back on the schedule?  more

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