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Anticipating What’s Next
Lesa Ukman Feb 4

Anticipating What’s Next

If you are a seasoned, successful rightsholder with a vast array of assets and a track record of increasing revenue from corporate partners, you may feel you don’t need sponsorship training, and in fact should be the trainer. And you may indeed be right. more

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Staffing: Getting Your Sponsorship House In Order 
Julie Kimball Sep 6

Staffing: Getting Your Sponsorship House In Order 

When discussing sponsorship, people tend to talk about the fun, “sexy” side, like Nike’s latest activation or how SXSW or Bonnaroo are utilizing sponsors to enhance the audience experience. But I want to talk about something that isn’t sexy, but is critically important to sponsorship’s success and that’s the staffing that a property needs to be successful. more

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Selling More Sponsorship
Lesa Ukman May 31

Selling More Sponsorship

Driving substantial and sustainable increases in sponsorship revenue, whether from securing new partners or upselling existing ones, is directly connected to investments in the following six Ps: more

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Keep Your Eye On Online Gaming As Potential Blockbuster Sponsor Category
Jim Andrews Mar 8

Keep Your Eye On Online Gaming As Potential Blockbuster Sponsor Category

Just a little over two years ago, the Internet gambling industry in the U.S. was under siege from the federal government. It was declared illegal and the operators of its largest concerns were the targets of criminal and civil lawsuits. more

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What If The Sponsor/Property Model Is Not Sustainable?
Jim Andrews Oct 26

What If The Sponsor/Property Model Is Not Sustainable?

This is one of those topics that maybe I shouldn’t even be raising, as I can hear colleagues and readers shouting, “Are you trying to kill the golden goose?” more

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11 Basics Of Successful Sponsorship Sales
Lesa Ukman Jun 29

11 Basics Of Successful Sponsorship Sales

Back in the early ’80s, when sponsorship was new to pretty much everyone, IEG traveled the world teaching sponsorship acquisition and sponsorship sales. The industry has incorporated those learnings and sponsorship “mavens” from near and far have incorporated those ideas into their books, blogs and practices. more

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Dan Kowitz May 8

Sponsor Survey Outlines Steps Rightsholders Must Take

In case you missed it, IEG has released the finding from the 12th annual IEG/Performance Research Sponsorship Decision-makers Survey. more

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Stacey Goldberg Apr 27

Sponsorship Takeaways from the AFP Int’l Conference on Fundraising

I had the pleasure of moderating a sponsorship panel discussion at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 49th International Conference on Fundraising in Vancouver earlier this month. more

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Jim Andrews Feb 21

Power Balance Pavilion: I Don’t Hate To Say I Told You So

Thirteen months ago when the NBA Sacramento Kings signed a five-year deal for wristband-maker Power Balance to take over the naming rights to the Arco Arena, I tweeted the following: “Did the Maloof/Kings/Power Balance naming rights deal just set the #sponsorship industry back 100 years? I'm leaning toward yes.” more

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