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Diane Knoepke

Diane is managing director, client leadership for IEG Consulting, where she supports the team’s growth and innovation. Throughout her career, she has advised more than 50 property and brand clients on marketing and social value creation, sales, measurement and strategy. She delights in helping people change organizations more effectively. Follow Diane on Twitter!

Curing FOMO: How to Conquer the IEG Sponsorship Conference
Diane Knoepke Mar 20

Curing FOMO: How to Conquer the IEG Sponsorship Conference

As you plan how you’ll spend your time at next week’s IEG Conference, are you getting that familiar FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling? It is understandable if you are, as there are 1,200 sharp people to engage, 100 expert-led sessions to attend and one phenomenal city to explore. more

IEG conference

Diane Knoepke Jun 23

Orange You Glad It’s Glastonbury Sponsorship Time?

My colleague Julie Kimball passed around the latest in a long line of cool Orange ideas that get us geeking out not only over the smart technology but also the smart use of sponsorship. more

entertainment fashion festivals green telecommunications activation

Diane Knoepke Jun 8

Corporate/Cause Partnerships You Should Know

In my last post I promised to post a list of cause marketing programs you should know. Some are one-on-one partnerships, others are corporate/umbrella programs, and others pretty much defy classification.  more

digital media new media nonprofit strategic philanthropy cause marketing

Diane Knoepke Jun 3

Tough Calls: Competing Priorities in Cause Marketing

What a whirlwind! The Cause Marketing Forum, held this week in Chicago, gathered 450 or so cause marketing professionals from nonprofits, corporate sponsors and agencies together to talk shop and compare notes. The event packed a lot of great content and networking into just over 24 hours. What follows are a few of my takeaways, organized by the competing industry priorities they underscored.  more

digital media new media nonprofit strategic philanthropy cause marketing

Diane Knoepke May 19

Golden Halo Award Recipients Highlight Trends in Cause Marketing

The Cause Marketing Forum (CMF) Conference is coming up and the 2011 winners of their Golden Halo Awards—eBay and DonorsChoose.org—are worthy and instructive choices. Not only do they shed obvious light on the influence of technology on cause marketing programs, their selection also points to the push for individualism by consumers engaging in cause marketing programs.  more

digital media new media nonprofit strategic philanthropy cause marketing

Diane Knoepke May 13

Attention Drivers v. Value Drivers for Cause/Marketers

Have you checked out the Dynamics of Cause Engagement study released earlier this month by Ogilvy PR and Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication? For any one in the nonprofit fundraising or cause marketing business, it provides useful insight into what Americans think are the top causes (“causes” referring, in this case, to issues or content areas rather than specific nonprofit organizations).  more

evaluation nonprofit sponsorship measurement cause marketing

Diane Knoepke May 5

Soulful Selling: Morgan Spurlock and A Day at the Zoo

I spent Friday morning in Philly in meetings with an IEG Consulting client, the Philadelphia Zoo. Though I was really there to talk sponsorship, I admit the day’s highlights included excitedly waving at a black leopard and cooing to an adorable baby giraffe. Life is good. more

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Diane Knoepke Apr 22

Three Cups of Tea or Three Card Monte? Our Continuing Need for Nonprofit Metrics

This past week, I’ve watched and read the Greg Mortenson/Central Asia Institute investigation coverage with a frown on my face. (For the CBS 60 Minutes piece, click here.) Sure, I enjoyed and admired Mortenson’s stories and work described in Three Cups of Tea and it is always uncomfortable to have the integrity of someone you admire come into sharp and pointed question. But such is life, and we will have to wait and see what comes of the ongoing investigation and debate.  more

cause marketing nonprofit sponsorship measurement sponsorship ROI backlash

Diane Knoepke Mar 10

Owner’s Manual: Assemble Your IEG 2011 Conference

You’ve likely been to quite a few conferences before. And our database tells us that a large number of you have been to the IEG conference before. Yet change is blowing in our refreshing Chicago breeze, so here are some items worth note to ensure you get the most from your time with us. Programming  more

IEG conference IEG

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