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Five Ways Causes Can Compete in a Digital-First Environment
Diane Knoepke Oct 29

Five Ways Causes Can Compete in a Digital-First Environment

Last week, YouTube personality and author Hannah Hart launched a new 10-video series sponsored by Subaru. This series is tied to Have a Hart Day (HAHD), a volunteer movement started by the star to bring her motto—“Practice Reckless Optimism”—to life through the good deeds of her subscribers and fans. While Hannah Hart’s original content is largely food-related, she also regularly brings in issue- and cause-related content, ranging from gender and LGBT rights to mental health to animal welfare.  more

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Did Chevrolet and American Cancer Society Miss A Super Opportunity?
Stacey Goldberg Feb 11

Did Chevrolet and American Cancer Society Miss A Super Opportunity?

I know the conversation has moved on from the Super Bowl to the Olympics, but there were some interesting developments related to cause marketing around last week’s game that are worth examining. more

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In the Wake of Boston Tragedy, Sponsors and Properties Discuss What’s Next
Jim Andrews Apr 29

In the Wake of Boston Tragedy, Sponsors and Properties Discuss What’s Next

Although the twin bombings at the Boston Marathon have already had a significant impact on marathons and other types of events—namely increased security—most sponsorship veterans expect the incident to have little impact on sponsorship spending in the endurance sports space more

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Italian Cultural Partnerships Bear Watching
Lesa Ukman Oct 18

Italian Cultural Partnerships Bear Watching

As oil is the Middle East’s natural resource, culture is Italy’s. The country is home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums and archeological sites than any other in the world. more

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Getting Meaningful Marketing Right
Jim Andrews Sep 28

Getting Meaningful Marketing Right

In the new strategy paper from IEG Consulting, we make the case for a new and important trend impacting the relationship between nonprofits and their corporate partners. more

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Stacey Goldberg Apr 27

Sponsorship Takeaways from the AFP Int’l Conference on Fundraising

I had the pleasure of moderating a sponsorship panel discussion at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 49th International Conference on Fundraising in Vancouver earlier this month. more

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Lesa Ukman Feb 6

Big Leaps, Big Returns: Watchmaker Hublot’s Approach To Sponsorship

I was in Switzerland last week meeting with Jean-Claude Biver about his keynote at Leap, IEG’s 2012 Sponsorship Conference next month. more

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Jim Andrews Feb 3

Komen Controversy's Lessons For Sponsors

Having enjoyed many years of a productive partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the organization’s corporate partners are no doubt feeling blindsided by this week’s firestorm over SGK’s decision to no longer provide funding to Planned Parenthood. more

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Lesa Ukman Jan 9

Procter & Gamble Understands The Value Of Cause Marketing Better Than Anyone

Jerry Welsh introduced the term cause related marketing—a strategy he created while EVP of worldwide marketing at American Express—at the second annual IEG Sponsorship Conference in 1985. more

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