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Jon Kander Mar 24

The Importance of Authenticity: Key Learnings from IEG’s Return on Engagement

After taking a few days to digest all of the presentations at our annual sponsorship conference, it dawned on me that the key buzzword and theme for this year’s conference was “authenticity.” Nearly all sessions that I attended made at least some reference to the importance of a partnership being genuine. This extends to how a company showcases its core business attributes, as well as its CSR efforts, which are highly valued by an organization and its employees and a core aspect of the company’s culture.  more

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Diane Knoepke Sep 1

Steal These Rules and Tools: TED Provides Guidelines for Affiliate Sponsorships

In its characteristically simple and get-to-the-point way, TED has created a springy little jumping-off point for any property that has a need or want to provide sponsorship guidelines to affiliate events or properties. Every single week I talk to organizations trying to reconcile the sponsorship priorities of a “big” or “core” property with the activities of satellite or component properties.  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 15

Time To Ban School Sponsorship

The Wall Street Journal ran a page one story yesterday on the rise in local school districts seeking private support from businesses and other organizations to offset budget cuts resulting from decreasing tax revenues.  more

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Diane Knoepke Feb 10

Should Toyota and Cardiac Science Product Recalls Have Any Impact on Their Sponsorships?

Usually when we’re talking about recall and sponsorship in the same conversation, it’s a discussion of figuring out whether audience members had a positive recall (aided or unaided) of a given property's sponsors as measured by a survey. Today, however, we’re talking about product recalls and what should be done by (and for) properties that have the manufacturers—if not the product brands themselves—as sponsors?  more

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Diane Knoepke Jan 26

Three Ways to Devalue Your Corporate Sponsorships via Third-Party Fundraising Events

I read a white paper, written by Blackbaud and Event360, this morning that discusses third-party fundraising events and how to maximize them. While there are good nuggets of information about logistics and tracking, the brief does not touch on how to have third-party events live harmoniously with corporate sponsorship. In fact, the paper asserts that “traditional event organizers need to view independent fundraising as supplementary, not competitive, to their existing development portfolio.”  more

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Jim Andrews Jan 7

Events, Sustainability and Sponsorship

Of all the news releases I receive, those from the Int’l Organization for Standardization are not high on my priority list of which to open. I’m not even sure how I got on the media list for this Swiss-based organization with a name that sounds like a front for a James Bond villain. However, the announcement that arrived yesterday in my email inbox did catch my interest, as the ISO is embarking on an initiative to develop an international standard for sustainable event management, one that would lessen the negative environmental impact of all manner of large-scale events, from festivals to sports to business conferences.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Dec 11

Elevating Property Publications and Collateral

Often, similar to signage, sponsor recognition on a property’s publication and collateral pieces is taken for granted. It is relegated to sponsor recognition via “logo soup” or a barely visible band of sponsor logos. I believe that even though a sponsor mention on a flyer isn’t likely to be the “showpiece” of a sponsorship, with some thought and a little creativity it is possible to elevate publications and collateral beyond the mundane to be a valuable component of a sponsorship package.  more


Diane Knoepke Oct 7

Now You Can Be Interesting AND Keep Your Soul

In protecting their ethics and standards, too many organizations avoid creativity. Like cutting fat and cholesterol from your diet and deciding that must mean flavor is bad for you too. I am pleased to see GOOD Magazine's partnerships with Gap Inc. and Whole Foods. While you could argue that Whole Foods is a like-minded company that is endemic to GOOD's M.O., Gap surprised me a little bit. In a good way. Sure, they have a history of ethical labor practices (including their response to the 2007 child labor problem in India), but it could be tough for a magazine like GOOD to find truly mainstream partners that are in keeping with their image.  more

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