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Musical Airline Sponsorships in Barcelona
Lesa Ukman Dec 20

Musical Airline Sponsorships in Barcelona

Turkish Airlines, a “Premium Partner” of FC Barcelona since January 2010, is being displaced by a change in the club’s shirt sponsor. more

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Jim Andrews Mar 12

Bad Faith: Big Brother Pulls the Rug Out from under Venue Sponsorship

Unsettling news came out of Vancouver last week, as the provincial government of British Columbia killed a deal for telecommunications company Telus to obtain naming rights to BC Place Stadium. more

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Jim Andrews Sep 26

Black Mark for BlackBerry: What RIM Did Wrong In Venezuela Sponsorship Snafu

I never suspected the trove of classified government communications trickling out through WikiLeaks would contain a sponsorship story, but a recently released February 2010 cable from the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela tells a tale with valuable lessons for sponsors. more

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Jim Andrews Sep 19

How Do You Value Social Media Benefits in a Sponsorship Package?

When we launched the IEG Valuation Service in the late ’90s, the phrase “social media” still primarily referred to getting a group of friends together to watch TV. More than a decade later that same term has become a marketable asset for properties, but as with many other benefits offered to sponsors, one that is not easy to value.  more

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Lesa Ukman May 12

Solid Advice on Sponsorship’s Legal Issues

Mary Hutchings Reed, the attorney who has defined many of the business and legal issues surrounding sponsorship, sports, arts, entertainment and cause marketing, spoke to my graduate class at Northwestern University last night, and as always happens when I listen to her presentations, issues were clarified and solutions emerged.  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 8

Smart TVs: The Next Sponsorship-related Content Battleground

The point at which corporate marketers began looking at properties as content providers, in addition to being sources of traditional benefits, was a watershed moment in sponsorship.  more

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Dan Kowitz Jan 18

Critical Elements of a Smart Sponsorship

I recently had the pleasure of leading a panel of industry colleagues at PCMA’s Convening Leaders Annual Conference. The group consisted of representatives from PCMA, FedEx Services, the National School Boards Assn. and Gaylord Entertainment/Gaylord Hotels—all of whom have developed deep and meaningful sponsorships that brought in more value and revenue for the associations and their meetings, and provided the sponsors with access and benefits they were seeking.  more

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Lesa Ukman Dec 1

Inside London 2012’s Sponsorship Program

Charles Wijeratna, director of commercial negotiations for London 2012, delivered a great presentation at last week’s European Sponsorship Assn. conference in Amsterdam. Here are the highlights and takeaways: more

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Jon Kander Oct 18

Can Wins and Losses Impact the Bottom Line?

Russell Scibetti, Founding Editor of, and I exchanged a few emails the past couple of days discussing the idea of integrating guarantees and team performance into sponsorship fees and sports business in general. Russell’s comments are in italics and mine are in standard font. Hope you enjoy our conversation.  more

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