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Louis Vuitton Connects The Dots By Leveraging Artist Collaboration
Lesa Ukman Nov 16

Louis Vuitton Connects The Dots By Leveraging Artist Collaboration

The partnership between Louis Vuitton and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama shows that the arts are every bit as exploitable as sport. It just takes creativity. more

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Italian Cultural Partnerships Bear Watching
Lesa Ukman Oct 18

Italian Cultural Partnerships Bear Watching

As oil is the Middle East’s natural resource, culture is Italy’s. The country is home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums and archeological sites than any other in the world. more

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Stacey Goldberg Apr 27

Sponsorship Takeaways from the AFP Int’l Conference on Fundraising

I had the pleasure of moderating a sponsorship panel discussion at the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 49th International Conference on Fundraising in Vancouver earlier this month. more

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Lesa Ukman Jan 30

Sponsorship and Return on Innovation

Speakers at IEG’s 2012 Sponsorship Conference are bringing unprecedented levels of innovation to the sponsorship space. more

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Lesa Ukman Dec 1

Sponsorship Insights from Leading European Practitioners

I keynoted the European Sponsorship Assn.’s Future Sponsorship conference in Amsterdam last week. Some takeaways from other presentations: more

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Jim Andrews Sep 26

Black Mark for BlackBerry: What RIM Did Wrong In Venezuela Sponsorship Snafu

I never suspected the trove of classified government communications trickling out through WikiLeaks would contain a sponsorship story, but a recently released February 2010 cable from the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela tells a tale with valuable lessons for sponsors. more

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Diane Knoepke Apr 15

Selling Sponsorship is Different from Fundraising! (And Why That is Total Bunk.)

I had always thought of fundraising and selling sponsorship as dramatically different disciplines. Even when my title included the word “Development” at one point in my career, and even when I ran a small annual giving campaign for an association, I never considered myself a fundraiser. Instead, I “sold sponsorship and marketing relationships,” and I “marketed a [pin] campaign.” I never “asked;” I “sold.” It wasn’t a judgment on either profession; I just put myself in one bucket and stayed there. And I had a lot of company in seeing the nonprofit world as a bucketed, black-and-white place when it comes to corporate relationships.  more

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Vinu Joseph Mar 3

Coca-Cola Steps Up, Then Steps Into Hot Water

Those familiar with African-American step-dancing likely know its importance among traditionally African-African fraternities and sororities. Stepshows can offer rousing competition, but they mainly serve to bring people together and highlight the organizations’ shared values and goals. So putting on a step competition would seem like a slam dunk for a company interested in connecting with an audience of young, educated and influential African-American men and women.  more

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Diane Knoepke Mar 3

Why Motorsports Teams Should “Trade Paint” With Art Museums

Hallelujah and thank you, Bill Taylor. I read his great Harvard Business Review blog post yesterday on idea-swapping outside the immediate field (or sector or industry) we work in. If there’s any Kool-Aid you are open to drinking today, let this be it. While I suggest you read the full post—he has good anecdotes about companies employing the strategy—his last paragraph sums up his point.  more

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