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After Sochi: What Other Properties Can Learn from the Olympic Games
Julie Minnick Mar 14

After Sochi: What Other Properties Can Learn from the Olympic Games

The Olympics and sponsorship are synonymous. Every two years we get to see the heavy hitters of the brand world showcase their Olympic sponsorships and deliver some great marketing campaigns, e.g., P&G’s Thank You Moms Campaign. But is there any relevance in that activity for smaller properties? more

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Anticipating What’s Next
Lesa Ukman Feb 4

Anticipating What’s Next

If you are a seasoned, successful rightsholder with a vast array of assets and a track record of increasing revenue from corporate partners, you may feel you don’t need sponsorship training, and in fact should be the trainer. And you may indeed be right. more

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Selling More Sponsorship
Lesa Ukman May 31

Selling More Sponsorship

Driving substantial and sustainable increases in sponsorship revenue, whether from securing new partners or upselling existing ones, is directly connected to investments in the following six Ps: more

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11 Basics Of Successful Sponsorship Sales
Lesa Ukman Jun 29

11 Basics Of Successful Sponsorship Sales

Back in the early ’80s, when sponsorship was new to pretty much everyone, IEG traveled the world teaching sponsorship acquisition and sponsorship sales. The industry has incorporated those learnings and sponsorship “mavens” from near and far have incorporated those ideas into their books, blogs and practices. more

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Ashley Wescott Nov 4

Revving up Sponsorship: Lessons from Motorcycle Properties

If you’re like me you’ve never been to a biker rally, but your head is full of preconceived notions of what a rally entails. For the purposes of my blog, erase from your mind those images of biker bar fights and think of motorcycle rallies as festivals that can be mined for sponsorship ideas just like any other property. Any festival, from Taste of Chicago to the small town county fair, can learn a few things from a biker rally.  more

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Jim Andrews Sep 2

Formula 1: A Sponsorship Example Not To Be Followed

Much has been written and said about Bernie Ecclestone, the brilliant, mercurial puppet master who pulls the strings of the Formula 1 international racing circuit. While I am not expert enough in the details of F1’s business to join the polarized debate over whether he is the best or worst thing to happen to the sport—although I’m sure the answer as it always is in these cases is somewhere in the middle—I do believe he has made a major misstep in the sponsorship arena.  more

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Jim Andrews Aug 31

Platform Exclusivity: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

One concept that I’ve seen properties begin to adopt lately, and which could become a larger sponsorship sales trend, is platform exclusivity. The idea is that only one corporate partner is permitted to activate in a specified channel or manner, e.g., mobile-device marketing, in-store retail promotions, use of video content, ticket giveaways, etc.  more

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Jim Andrews Aug 25

The WTA Argument: Do Title Sponsors Really Scare Off Other Partners?

As my colleague Bill Chipps reveals in IEG Sponsorship Report this week, the WTA Tour has decided not to market the title sponsorship position about to be given up by Sony Ericsson. (Subscribers can read the full story here.)  more

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Jim Andrews Jul 14

Why Do Properties’ Cause Overlays Leave Sponsors On The Sidelines?

A trend I have noticed lately involves rightsholders—primarily sports and entertainment properties—conducting cause-related promotions that bring attention to their events and organizations while benefiting a charitable group.  more

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