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Diane Knoepke Jun 18

Heavy Stuff for a Friday: How to Cheat Yourself in Sponsorship (or, The Psychic Weight of Devaluation)

As I’ve been off and on the road the past month, I have had at least a half dozen conversations (with both sponsors and properties) that centered on the same theme: devaluation is a drag.  more

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Nancy Atufunwa Jun 17

What Should Sponsors Do When Unexpected Change Occurs?

If you are a fan of college athletics like I am, then I’m sure you feel like you are stuck in one big whirlwind of a tornado. Colorado moves to the Pac-10, Nebraska joins the Big Ten, Texas commits to the Big 12—but for how long—and how will the other conferences (like the SEC, ACC and Big East) respond?  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jun 11

The Dreaded Sponsorship Naysayer - How One Person Can Totally Derail a Sponsorship Program

In every organization there always seems to be at least one decision maker that either doesn’t like or doesn’t understand sponsorship. Sometimes it is the head honcho, sometimes it is the bean counter, sometimes it is the rain maker, and sometimes it is someone in marketing, legal or human resources. An individual may be afraid that sponsorship would affect his/her specific job or department. Another person may not understand sponsorship’s potential, or he/she may have a personal vendetta against anything sponsorship related (it happens).  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 9

Major Research Study To Examine ROI From Sports-related CSR Activities

We are always interested in research that examines the true impact of sponsorship and related activities, so we look forward to the results of a recently announced study under the auspices of the U.K.’s Cambridge Judge Business School that will explore the return on investment from corporate social responsibility and grassroots marketing activities run in conjunction with the London 2012 Olympics and other major British sponsorships.  more

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Diane Knoepke May 19

The Lists Have It: Corporate Sponsorship Works for Brands

Pat yourself on the back. Not only do you look fabulous today (oh, c’mon, you know you do), you’re pretty brilliant. Specific evidence of your above-average intelligence? You already knew that leading brands use corporate sponsorship to drive/reinforce their brand value and market leadership.  more

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Jim Andrews Mar 18

Presence Marketing Is Dead (Isn’t It?)

I thought we all agreed some years ago that the idea of a company showing up, being seen, putting its name on something and then counting eyeballs and impressions was a marketing concept whose time had come and gone, made obsolete by new technologies and no longer relevant in a world of consumers who demanded to be engaged. Well someone forgot to tell the many sports marketing experts I have seen quoted the past few days regarding Tiger Woods’ return to golf at The Masters. The consensus among this chattering class—many of them academics—is that Tiger’s return, in and of itself, will be a huge boon to the companies he still endorses because of the attention it will attract to him and, presumably, those marketers. Really?  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 24

Breaking A Fall From Grace: What Tiger Teaches Us

Beyond the particular circumstances of the Tiger Woods saga are some specific lessons for marketers who partner with individuals and properties. See my guest column in this week’s Advertising Age to read what all marketers should take away from Tiger’s tale.  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 23

Insights From the Kellogg Sports Business Conference, Part 1

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management this weekend. The occasion was the school’s inaugural sports business conference. “The Business of Sports Sponsorships” panel—which featured Bank of America sponsorship chief Ray Bednar, Cleveland Indians SVP of sales and marketing Vic Gregovits and IMG College SVP Lawton Logan in addition to me—covered a lot of ground in our 75 minutes.  more

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Rob Campbell Jan 27

What Properties Can Do to Ensure Sponsorship ROI

This past week I attended a National Sports Marketing Networking (NSMN) event on The Evolution and Role of ROI in Sports . Set up as an open forum with the audience and six panelists, there was a lot of great discussion and insight on what sponsors are looking for in ROI and how properties can provide it. Outlined below are a few of the key takeaways I left the event with:  more

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