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Jim Andrews Oct 7

Coke, Visa and McDonald’s Sponsorship Programs Also Lost Out In IOC Decision

The IOC’s vote to award the 2016 Games to Rio was a blow to Chicago’s civic pride, as well as to the plans of many sports marketers, broadcasters and U.S. sponsors who looked forward to a stateside summer Games for the first time in 20 years. However, the pangs of disappointment were probably most acute at three particular sponsors: Coca-Cola, Visa and McDonald’s—not that our friends at those outstanding marketing organizations will admit that. Those three companies are the only sponsors that are both global Olympic partners as well as high level FIFA World Cup sponsors. (Coke and Visa are two of the six FIFA Partners, the top-tier sponsorship, while McDonald’s is one rung down as a World Cup Sponsor.)  more

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Rob Campbell Oct 5

On Site At The Chicago 2016 Victory Party That Wasn’t

My big plans for watching what I thought was an almost certain Chicago 2016 Olympic victory did not go as I had envisioned. Before I had even left for Daley Plaza, Chicago had already been eliminated from 2016 contention. I decided to still stop by the official Chicago 2016 viewing party and soak it all in.  more


Lesa Ukman Oct 1

Of Sponsors, Worlds Fairs, Olympic Games And Posters

Just in the nick of time, sponsors came forward and there will be a U.S. Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo in China. Considering the ease with which we field an Olympic team every two years, you might assume a U.S. presence at a world’s fair such as Expo 2010—which is expected to draw 70 million visitors, some 63.2 million more than the Beijing Games—is a given. It is not. Sponsoring a world’s fair is a hard sell to corporate America. Similar to the rest of the world’s love of soccer versus Americans’ tepid support, world’s fairs are a much bigger deal outside the U.S.  more

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Jim Andrews Sep 29

Whoever Wins The Games Needs To Reinvent Olympic Sponsorship

Having just hung up with the latest reporter doing their homework for post-Copenhagen-announcement stories, it occurs to me that I should share with readers of this blog first the ideas that may make it into general media publications later this week. Most of the interviewers calling IEG are from stateside media wanting to know if Chicago 2016’s sponsorship revenue projections of $1.8 billion are achievable should the IOC award the games to the Windy City. My response has been that although Chicago faces the largest challenge because it set its sponsorship goals much higher than the other bid cities, whichever contender ends up as the 2016 host (and I do hope it is my city) will have to change the way we think about Olympic Games sponsorship.  more

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Jim Andrews Sep 3

Olympic Sponsorship, Fox Chicago And My Messy Office

With a month to go before the IOC selects the host city for the 2016 Summer Games, Fox Chicago looked at the city’s prospects last night, including a report on potential sponsorship revenue. Without enough advance warning for a quick change of clothes or to clear off my cluttered desk (our much more glamorous conference room was in use), I sat down with reporter Lilia Chacon. Here’s the result.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Aug 21

Strong Opinions on Kid Leashes and Ambush Marketing

Earlier this week during a staff lunch, there was a heated discussion around child safety harnesses (kid leashes). There were strong opinions on both sides, with the pro-leash group citing safety and peace of mind and the anti-leash group calling the leashes “lazy”, “restrictive” and of course there was the mention of dogs. However, it is interesting to note that almost no one in the group has children. If you do a quick search online, it is apparent, that parents and non-parents definitely have a lot of strong-held opinions on the subject. I really don’t see anything wrong with child safety harnesses, although I have had strong initial negative reactions when I have seen people with them. Really if you think about it, how is it that different than child safety gates or baby cabinet locks? No one seems to have a problem with those and it is the same concept really, you are restricting where your child can go for his/her safety. Nobody claims that parents that have child safety gates are lazy because they aren’t watching their children. So, really, it all depends on your perspective.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Aug 12

The Power of Nostalgia and What is Old is New Again

What is it about nostalgia that is so engaging and why do brands that have successfully captured it stir up such an emotional response? Additionally, what are some current examples and what is the role of nostalgia in sponsorship? I don’t quite understand it, but consumers (me included) seem to respond to almost anything that is reminiscent of earlier times in their lives, and strangely enough, people often have a fondness for decades that occurred before their birth (think Kenley Collins from “Project Runway” and her fascination with fashion from the 40’s and 50’s). In fact, although most of us were not alive during the Great Depression, the 1930’s depression era is currently in vogue as we experience our own modern day economic uncertainty. Apparently, especially in times of turmoil, there is comfort in the familiar.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Jul 24

Gaming and Alternate Reality Games (ARG) – An Exploration of New Media Sponsorship and Marketing

Gaming is part of our daily lives, not that this is necessarily new information, but when you stop to think about it, it is pretty amazing. Video games have evolved light years, not only in terms of technology, but in their appeal. Following are some statistics from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) from their published “2009 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry.” 68 percent of American households play computer or video games 35 is the average game player age 60 percent of game players are men 37 percent of heads of households report that they play games on wireless devices such as a cell phone or PDA  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 1

An App For Just About Anything

If iPhone apps are all the rage, why should sponsorship be immune? The Chicago 2016 bid committee has introduced a “Countdown to Copenhagen” app that marks the days left until the October 2 IOC vote in Denmark to select which candidate city will get the 2016 Summer Games. Each day brings iPhone users a historic fact about either the Olympics or Chicago along with the days remaining until the vote. Chicago is the first bid city to take advantage of this technology. Given the relatively low cost of developing apps, we expect to see plenty of other properties offering updates and info through this new platform.  more

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