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Jim Andrews Jun 30

The Difficulty of Cause Marketing in the Age of Social Media

At this point in the Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks era, I doubt there is any company—large or small—that has not found itself the subject of some online discussion that calls into question its behavior, motives, principles, etc.  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 15

Time To Ban School Sponsorship

The Wall Street Journal ran a page one story yesterday on the rise in local school districts seeking private support from businesses and other organizations to offset budget cuts resulting from decreasing tax revenues.  more

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Vinu Joseph May 27

In Corporate Sponsorship, the Best Response Is Preparation

When disaster strikes, we initially focus on the aftermath of what just happened; but attention (and scrutiny) quickly turns to the disaster response. We’ve seen this most recently with the Gulf Coast oil spill from a BP rig (full disclosure: IEG has done work for a BP business unit), as both BP and the government struggle to stop the spill and limit the inevitable environmental damage. As bad as the actual problem is, a bad or failed response is almost worse.  more

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Vinu Joseph May 5

Sponsors’ Arizona Dilemma

As a general matter, I’d prefer that sponsorship and politics remain separate. But there’s a place for such intersections when they encourage the public to educate themselves and pressure sponsors to live up to the values they espouse in their marketing. Such is the case when it comes to Arizona’s recent legislation governing immigration enforcement.  more


Diane Knoepke Apr 28

Authenticity in Sponsorship: Does Keeping it Real Need A Reality Check?

This past Saturday night, my husband bet me 15 bucks to ask Anthony Bourdain whether his Chase Sapphire product integration deal cost him his soul. He needn't have made that bet. Tony launched into it within the first five minutes of his storytime/stand-up/Q+A concert Saturday night at The Chicago Theatre. (For those who don’t know his work, Anthony Bourdain is the chef/author/badboy foodie/world traveler who has a great show on Travel Channel called No Reservations emphasizes finding the authentic experience of a place.)  more

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Lesa Ukman Apr 23

What I Learned About Sponsorship Backlash While Waiting Out The Ash Cloud

While reading the April 16th edition of The Independent, I came across two striking images. The first was a banner unfurled at a rally staged by Fair Pensions, which lobbies for ethical investment of UK pension funds, reading “BP Sponsors Climate Chaos.”  more

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Jim Andrews Apr 15

FIFA’s Local Merchant Crackdown Offers Golden Opportunity For Sponsors

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on FIFA’s efforts to control ambush marketing and the sale of unlicensed merchandise in conjunction with the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.  more

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Vinu Joseph Apr 1

I Pity the (April) Fool!

As a newshound, I can’t wait for April 2. April 1 seems like a constant cycle of clicking on a link to an interesting article and realizing within a paragraph it’s all a self-indulgent joke—and generally not a very funny one. Note to editors everywhere: The Onion’s on Line 1—you didn’t get the job.  more

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Vinu Joseph Mar 30

How to Make Rest Stops a Viable Sponsorship Opportunity

Plenty of bandwidth has been spent on this site discussing how government entities get it wrong when dealing with sponsorship. And this article on a plan to sell naming rights to rest stops on the New Jersey Turnpike will do little to reverse that trend. The stops are already named for New Jersey’s most famous sons and daughters, so corporate naming rights can be expected to inspire particularly heated backlash.  more

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