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Vinu Joseph Apr 7

A Property Terminating a Sponsorship?

Sponsorship really must be back. How else to explain this Charlotte Business Journal report that Charlotte Collegiate Football (CCF) has decided to terminate Meineke Car Care’s title sponsorship of Charlotte’s annual college football bowl game after 2010?  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 24

Breaking A Fall From Grace: What Tiger Teaches Us

Beyond the particular circumstances of the Tiger Woods saga are some specific lessons for marketers who partner with individuals and properties. See my guest column in this week’s Advertising Age to read what all marketers should take away from Tiger’s tale.  more

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Jim Andrews Feb 23

Insights From the Kellogg Sports Business Conference, Part 1

I had the pleasure of participating in a panel discussion at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management this weekend. The occasion was the school’s inaugural sports business conference. “The Business of Sports Sponsorships” panel—which featured Bank of America sponsorship chief Ray Bednar, Cleveland Indians SVP of sales and marketing Vic Gregovits and IMG College SVP Lawton Logan in addition to me—covered a lot of ground in our 75 minutes.  more

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Diane Knoepke Feb 10

Should Toyota and Cardiac Science Product Recalls Have Any Impact on Their Sponsorships?

Usually when we’re talking about recall and sponsorship in the same conversation, it’s a discussion of figuring out whether audience members had a positive recall (aided or unaided) of a given property's sponsors as measured by a survey. Today, however, we’re talking about product recalls and what should be done by (and for) properties that have the manufacturers—if not the product brands themselves—as sponsors?  more

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Vinu Joseph Feb 9

The Line Between Ambush and Smart Marketing: Part II, the “Big Game”

As mentioned in my last post, there are plenty of differing viewpoints on what constitutes an ambush. This time let’s look at the NFL’s marquee attraction, the Big Pro Football Championship Game Recently Played in South Florida. I find the Super Bowl a more interesting case than the Olympics—at least here in the U.S.—because of its near-holiday status. From a marketing perspective, the game and the NFL take a backseat to the revelry leading up to the game (and the commercial breaks). Can you ambush a holiday?  more

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Vinu Joseph Jan 28

The Line Between Ambush and Smart Marketing: Part I, the Winter Olympics

Among sponsorship pros—particularly properties—the thought of ambush marketing inspires a lot of dirty looks. So things might get downright ugly over the next few weeks with the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics taking the world stage. Promotions featuring tickets to the “American football championship” and ads with generic winter athletes abound; it must be a veritable IP law Super—actually, let’s just say it’s a big deal.  more

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Rob Campbell Jan 13

Does Selling Short-term Sponsorship Weaken Your Brand?

The NFL has been on a recent kick of signing short-term sponsorship deals in the quick-service restaurant category. Most recently, the league announced this week a deal lasting through March 1 making Papa John’s the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl XLIV.  This sponsorship is very similar to the league’s relationship last year with KFC, in which the fast-feeder was the official wing of the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl XLIII.  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 3

Sponsorship and the White House Crashers

An interesting item coming out of the White House party crasher story is the couple’s foray into sponsorship in connection with a charity polo event. As this article from The Washington Post points out, the couple staged an international polo match which ended up with dissatisfied attendees, unpaid vendors and charities getting far less than what might have been expected. I’ll let you read the article, but a couple thoughts that came to mind from the situation  more

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Rob Campbell Dec 1

GlaxoSmithKline Provides Valuable Service as Olympic Sponsor

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline recently signed on as the 25th sponsor of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. As part of the three-year, estimated $15 million deal GlaxoSmithKline will assume the designation ‘Official Laboratory Services Provider.’ Perhaps the most important part of this deal is that as the Official Laboratory Services Provider, GlaxoSmithKline will provide the laboratories and equipment to test Olympic athletes for illegal and performance-enhancing drugs as they compete in London.  more

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