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Will The NFL's Domestic Violence Scandal Hurt Its Bottom Line?
NPR, September 29, 2014
The NFL has become a $10 billion financial juggernaut by attracting new fans and devising new ways to make money. Now, the NFL confronts what may be its most serious image problem ever... More


Big Sponsors May Find It Hard To Break Up With The NFL
NPR, September 23, 2014
NFL sponsors are not just advertisers; they're a select group of companies that together pay more than $1 billion a year to wrap their own brands in the NFL's aura... More


Roger Goodell At The 50-50 Yard Line
Bloomberg Business Week, September 18, 2014
The playbooks dreamed up by offensive co-ordinators in the NFL can be absurdly complex, stretching over hundreds of pages, elucidating the myriad baroque combinations of different players, running in different patterns from different formations, that can be used to attack an opponent’s defense... More


NFL Scandals Reveal The Power Of Corporate Sponsors
Bloomberg Business Week, September 18, 2014
As the National Football League continues to deal with the fallout from abuse scandals surrounding Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, sponsors are scrambling to stay on the right side of consumer sentiment. Their choice is whether their association with the league, team, or athlete does more damage than good... More


A-B InBev To NFL: 'We Are Not Yet Satisfied'
Advertising Age, September 16, 2014
Anheuser-Busch InBev, one of the NFL's largest advertisers and sponsors, has broken its silence on the league's recent troubles in a stern statement that appears to put the NFL on notice... More


Sponsorships Lift Extreme Sports To Next Level
CTV News, September 15, 2014
WASHINGTON-AFP – Erich Wegscheider is a man with a plan: to compete in 28 of the world's toughest cycling, mountaineering, triathlon and ultra-marathon events — and find sponsors to foot the bills... More


Amid PR Crisis, NFL Searches For New CMO
Advertising Age, September 12, 2014
The National Football League had a very bad week last week. That much is obvious. What is less clear is how much lasting damage the seemingly teflon league sustained from its bungling of the Ray Rice domestic-violence matter... More


Women Are Pro Football’s Most Important Demographic. Will They Forgive The NFL?
The Washington Post, September 12, 2014
Pittsburgh native Julia Garrity, 28, has long been a diehard Steelers fan. Even after moving to Washington, she attends five home games a year and has accumulated hundreds of dollars worth of Steelers jerseys, bottle openers and flip-flops... More


Will Female Fans, Sponsors Forgive The NFL?
Advertising Age, September 10, 2014
Here's a sign that you might have a PR problem: When TMZ lectures you on morality... More


NFL Sponsorship Doesn't stretch TD Ameritrade's Budget: CEO
Reuters, September 08, 2014
TD Ameritrade Holding Corp's decision to become a National Football League sponsor increases its marketing effectiveness without constraining its budget, the top executive of the discount brokerage firm said Monday... More

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