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Lesa Ukman Dec 8

Art Basel Miami Beach, Design Miami And Sponsors Deliver For Audience

Although Audi was not the primary sponsor of either Art Basel Miami Beach or its sister event, Design Miami—roles that belong to UBS and HSBC Private Wealth respectively—it was the most ubiquitous. Eschewing auto shows in favor of the Miami events for the unveiling of its 2010 A8, Audi of America spent north of $6 million but south of $10 million building out its presence. The automaker, which has increased its marketing budget by 20 percent this year to seize share from its more distressed competitors in the luxury car segment, did not merely sponsor the Miami happenings. Instead, Audi took on the roles of cultural creator and arts curator. For example, in addition to providing the vehicles for the shuttle service for VIPs attending the events, Audi:  more

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Vinu Joseph Dec 3

Sponsorship and the White House Crashers

An interesting item coming out of the White House party crasher story is the couple’s foray into sponsorship in connection with a charity polo event. As this article from The Washington Post points out, the couple staged an international polo match which ended up with dissatisfied attendees, unpaid vendors and charities getting far less than what might have been expected. I’ll let you read the article, but a couple thoughts that came to mind from the situation  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Dec 3

Taking a Closer Look at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

While I know that you are disappointed because Britney Spears no longer occupies the top spot for number of searches on, it isn’t surprising that it was Michael Jackson that knocked her out of the top spot. However, what I found to be more surprising is that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is number three on the list. Unexpectedly, the only other sport in the top ten is NASCAR at number ten.  more

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Diane Knoepke Dec 2

Five Tips From the First-Time-Event Finish Line

In step with IEG’s projection that North American companies will increase their spending on marathons and running events by 2.5 percent in 2009 (to an estimated $86.1 million), I had the pleasure of participating in an inaugural half marathon event on November 22nd. The first-time event—the Women’s Running magazine Women’s Half Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society—was held in St. Petersburg, Florida. While I was first and foremost there as a charity runner, I had plenty of time on and off the course to check out the sponsorship activity. While my running resume is by no means prolific (especially compared to IEG’s resident ultramarathoner Shan Riggs), I have participated in enough races of varying distances, sizes and sponsor profiles to know the drill.  more

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William Chipps Nov 25

T-Mobile Sees Success From Guerilla Marketing Campaign, Mulls Expanded Program For ’10

Festivals, Hispanic events and other types of local properties may want to put T-Mobile on their prospect list for ’10. T-Mobile this year saw success from a five-month guerilla marketing campaign in which the company sponsored more than 25 events ranging from local festivals to state and county fairs. Case in point: T-Mobile conducted more than 26,000 “Mobile Makeovers” and activated more than 5,000 new accounts at the events.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Nov 24

Creating Sponsorship Programs Where There Previously Where None

Last week I had a conversation with a colleague, Daren Watkins. I wanted to share some of our conversation because I think some of his challenges and hopefully his successes may be relevant to a lot of properties. Watkins is the special events coordinator for the Real. Texas. Festival. in Mesquite, TX. His sponsorship career started four years ago with the first Real. Texas. Festival. Watkins has been with the Festival from the beginning and is responsible for the establishment and success of the Festival. Watkins secured 17 sponsors the first year of the Festival, including a presenting sponsor. His sponsorship program has since grown to more than 20 sponsors. The Festival is a two-day event in April that features live entertainment, a car show and a rodeo. The Festival now attracts close to 25,000 attendees.  more

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Diane Knoekpe Nov 23

Lighting Up a Local Sponsorship

If you’ve heard an IEGer on the speaking circuit in the last couple of years, you may have listened to one of us talk about how sponsors need to move from the idea of “sponsored by” (translation: we wrote a check) to instead communicate a “provided by” message and feeling (translation: we get you and want to improve your experience). Harris Bank has taken this idea and woven it seamlessly into its overall positioning in ads, and other marketing messages, for its sponsorship of The Magnificent Mile Lights Festival® presented by Harris (the popular holiday event took place November 21-22 here in Chicago). Harris’ tagline—“We’re Here to Help”—has been the centerpiece of a fantasy ad campaign that has featured Harris Bank signage helping people avoid awkward situations, take advantage of split-second opportunities, and avoid bodily harm.  more

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William Chipps Nov 19

Sales Tips From Billboard Touring Conference

Below, four takeaways that emanated from the sponsorship panel I moderated at last week’s Billboard Touring Conference and Awards. Start the sales process early. Properties should hit the street with sponsorship opportunities at least six to nine months prior to an event. The length of time extends dramatically when pitching packaged goods and other types of companies that sell through retail channels. Case in point: Drew McGowan, senior group manager of public relations & sponsorships with The Clorox Co., is currently putting together programs for ’11.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Nov 18

Evian Roller Skating Baby Video-A Marketing Gimmick

Marketing gimmicks are alive and well and appear to be working for some brands. In Lesa’s recent blog covering the ANA Annual Conference, Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google, spoke about Evian’s commercial/video featuring babies on roller skates. He stated that on, the videos had received 30 million views. The campaign does make great use of the web and online content includes interviews with the babies, clips from casting for the video and Facebook pages for the babies. The campaign has certainly caught on and reportedly has delivered business results for Evian. The video is insanely cute and very viral, but at its core, it is a gimmick.  more

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