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Jon Kander Apr 8

Improving Your Fan Engagement Activities

I got the chance to cross “Attend the NCAA Championship Game” off of my bucket list this past weekend. One of the many valuable experiences I had was visiting the NCAA fan fest, Bracket Town Refreshed by Coke Zero. Getting to see how each NCAA partner activated their sponsorship was a marketer’s dream.  more

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Jon Kander Feb 23

Ambush Marketing Amongst Cosponsors?

I was watching the NBA Slam Dunk contest on Saturday night when Blake Griffin made his event-winning dunk over a Kia Optima. It got me wondering – can a cosponsor ambush another cosponsor? Kia appeared to receive the most post-event buzz on the twitter-sphere despite Sprite being the event title sponsor and newspaper/website headline pictures all featured Griffin’s dunk over the car. Yet, was this necessarily a bad thing for Sprite?  more

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Ashley Wescott Dec 8

Did Target Miss the Mark?

A couple of Saturdays ago, three of my worlds collided: the library, Girl Scouts and sponsorship.  more

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Courtney Reilly Dec 7

Return on Sponsorship - Minus the Sponsorship?

Did the NBA’s ban of the Concept 1 basketball shoe make the brand more marketable than a sponsorship of the NBA or the league’s players could have?  more

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Sarah Hartman Dec 2

Marathon Sponsorships on the Rise

Looking back at the season for marathons, triathlons and other endurance events that unofficially wrapped up last month with the ING New York City Marathon, it’s clear that sponsors have tuned into the many benefits and opportunities that make those events unique and desirable properties. They offer sponsors access to an engaged, passionate audience; often economical rights fees; opportunities for creative and meaningful activation; and opportunities to highlight a company’s social corporate responsibility efforts.  more

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Jon Kander Nov 22

Allstate Wrigleyville Classic A Big Hit

As a follow-up to last week’s blog post, here are three of my favorite sponsorship activation tactics/takeaways from the Allstate Wrigleyville Classic.  more

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Jon Kander Nov 18

Transferring College Gameday to Major League Baseball

I just got tickets to the Allstate Wrigleyville Classic between the University of Illinois and Northwestern University, and I am genuinely excited to see a college football atmosphere brought to Wrigleyville. I’m planning on writing a more extensive blog post next week highlighting my takeaways, favorite activation tactics, and thoughts on the overall fan experience. The remainder of this post will focus on what I hope is the biggest long-term takeaway from the weekend – the Cubs learning how to better engage their fans with a greater pre-game atmosphere.  more

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Sarah Hartman Nov 10

Sponsoring While Under Public Scrutiny: Two Different Approaches

In September 2009, Toyota announced the largest recall in the company’s history, bringing back 3.8 million vehicles. Subsequent recalls followed. In April 2010, BP came under global scrutiny in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig disaster and oil spill.  more

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Courtney Reilly Nov 9

A Perfect Fit: Jockey’s Support of the Fight against “Cancer below the Waist”

On any given Saturday, I have a sneaking suspicion that most people will find themselves lying around in their underwear at some point throughout the day. On a recent Saturday, the Jockey brand challenged Chicagoans to take it outside.  more

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