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Diane Knoepke Nov 12

Don’t Rip the Gatekeeper’s Arms Off

If you have ever been nervous about giving a speech or presentation, you’ve probably heard that you should picture the audience members in their underwear. If you’ve ever tried it, chances are you know how bad that advice is. In that spirit, play this 12-second video for some bad advice on how to get past the gatekeeper in your next sales effort.  more

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Jim Andrews Nov 12

New Day In Sponsorship: Nonprofit Pays Cash To Sponsor Nationally Televised Sports Event

Cancer.net Skate America begins today in Lake Placid, N.Y., marking a significant development in sponsorship. The title sponsor is the consumer Web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, a physician’s membership association. The professional organization is paying a cash fee to U.S. Figure Skating, and told IEG Sponsorship Report last month that this will not be its last sponsorship. “Doing this once is not going to be sufficient. We’re in the process of talking to other organizations,” said Allen Lichter, MD, the association’s CEO.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 11

Cleveland Cavs Go One-and-One from the Promotion Line

While cruising through the status updates of my peeps on Facebook I saw the Cleveland Cavaliers had posted this offer: “Talk about a slam dunk! We want to share one of our best perks with you! Our friends at Quicken Loans give us a great discount on home loans as part of their exclusive benefit program, The Mortgage Insiders. But you can get it too! Just ask about adding the Mortgage Insiders Benefit Program to your workplace benefits.... Be part of the winning team by participating with the Cavs, Cleveland Clinic, UPS, Microsoft, Dell and others and become a Mortgage Insider today!”  more

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Dan Kowitz Nov 6

The Business of College Athletics Costs UCF A Future Deal with adidas

This has been a hot topic for several years and it is only getting hotter. The University of Central Florida has had an ongoing relationship with adidas and had a verbal agreement on a $3 million exclusive contract. That of course meant that the UCF men’s basketball team would be wearing adidas shoes on the court. When Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son, wore Nike shoes in the season debut this week, the issue boiled over. Representatives from adidas have now said there will be no deal with UCF.  more


Jim Andrews Nov 4

Izod and Indy Will Be Interesting Partnership To Watch

Media reports indicate that the IndyCar Series will announce its first title sponsor in eight years with a Thursday announcement that Phillips-Van Heusen Corp.’s Izod brand has purchased naming rights. Much of the current commentary around the deal involves speculation of how much Izod is paying. The Indianapolis Star quoted the series’ sales rep, Zac Brown of Just Marketing, as saying the “asking price” was $10 million a year to be allocated across IndyCar and its media partners. Conventional wisdom says that no property is getting its asking price these days. And that $10 million starting point is down from where it was three years ago, when an exec for a company that had been pitched the series title at that time told me IndyCar was seeking $15 million a year for 10 years, not including TV ad buy commitments.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 3

Power to the People: Democratic Sponsorship

If you read my posts often enough, you know I’m constantly waxing poetic about how important integrating the consumer into the sponsorship experience is. So it should be no surprise that upon hearing about Stephen Colbert’s, “Colbert Nation” top sponsorship of the U.S. Speed Skating team (if you haven’t already, check out my colleague Rob Campbell’s blog post here) and FanCar’s unique sponsorship opportunities around Sprint NASCAR cars; that I am ready to hand out two big, fat gold stars for fan integration.   more

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William Chipps Nov 3

Hertz Preps New Brand Campaign, Inks Deal with PGA of America

Sponsorship may play a role in The Hertz Corp.’s ’10 brand revitalization campaign that will include a new corporate logo, remodeled rental car facilities and new employee uniforms. As part of the makeover, the company next year will roll out a marketing campaign themed ‘Journey On.’ The goal of the campaign: to connect with consumers on an emotional level.  more

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Jim Andrews Oct 29

Big Sponsorships, Small Thinking

Those of you who don’t subscribe to IEG Sponsorship Report (and in my obviously biased opinion, if you work in sponsorship, I think you should) missed a terrific one-on-one interview a few weeks ago with sponsorship veteran Dockery Clark. The former Bank of America and MillerCoors sponsorship exec took sponsors to task for what she perceives as a trend to use the medium strictly to drive short-term, product-focused results instead of to build passion for brands. Her observation about the declining importance of exclusivity was very telling in that regard, not to mention that it has been echoed in recent comments by Anheuser-Busch marketers, who have referred to some of their deals as “half exclusive.” (While I understand they probably mean exclusivity restricted to certain property components, the phrase is as ludicrous as saying, “sort of unique.”)  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Oct 28

Harsh Words about the Commercialization of Pro Sports

“The commercialization of sports hasn’t reached its nadir, and we know this because the inevitable last step still hasn’t happened-that moment when the Browns and the Rockets become the Cleveland E*Trades and the Houston Mennen Speed Sticks, with logo-embossed jerseys to match.” The column continues… “This is the year when sports commercialization will finally go from being a cute, quintessentially American subplot (poor small town jock makes it to the big leagues, gets the big hit in the big game, gets rewarded with his face on a Wheaties box) to a disfiguring herpes-like disease that one never stops being aware of and finally sucks the last bits of joy from following pro sports.” And continues… “It’s not just the preposterous sponsorship tie-ins you see everywhere, so much so that you can literally consume them…I know we are getting there because I love sports but am beginning to hate watching sports. There are so many goddamn ads and tie-ins now, your skull starts to feel like an echo chamber by the end of the game-and you start inadvertently humming beer-company jingles to yourself, against your will. It is enough to make you want to gouge out your own eyeballs with a spoon and eat them raw.” (Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.)  more

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