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Jim Andrews Jun 4

Friendly Fire: When Properties Are Behind Ambush Marketing Efforts

I know you are probably sick of hearing about ambush marketing, what with the general media back on the topic in advance of the FIFA World Cup tourney starting in South Africa next week, but I have a couple of salient points I’d like to share on the topic. The first (I’ll save the second for another post) has to do with a longtime pet peeve of ours here at IEG: self-ambush. This is when properties—or related properties such as leagues and their teams—sell rights and benefits that infringe on deals already sold.  more

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Jim Andrews May 25

Sponsors Come And Go, But End Of FedEx Orange Bowl Is Different

I’m very pleased and honored to be a guest blogger today on CNBC’s Sports Biz blog. Please click here to read what the end of the FedEx/Orange Bowl relationship says about how the medium has changed. more

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Lesa Ukman May 21

Why Aren’t Corporate Sponsors Optimizing Search Terms?

Official corporate sponsors of the 2008 and 2010 Olympics failed to optimize social media opportunities by ignoring search engine optimization. Now the official corporate sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup—including Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates and Hyundai/Kia—are missing the boat. All are failing to link their activation to online search terms such as “soccer world cup” and “world cup 2010.” There is a huge volume of traffic surrounding these terms and sponsors have the rights to use them. So why aren’t they optimizing? Why isn’t FIFA advising them to do so?  more

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Jon Kander Apr 27

Where Sponsorship Analysts Disagree - The BP Crosstown Cup

There are two sides to every argument. My colleague, Shelley Fasulko, lauded BP’s sponsorship of the Cubs-White Sox Crosstown Classic (now called the BP Crosstown Cup). Where Shelley saw a brilliant creation of new assets, I saw blatant corporate pandering and over-commercialization of a great event.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Apr 26

Kick Ass(et) Sponsorship – BP Crosstown Cup

I’ve got nothing but big ups to send out to BP, the Cubbies and the Sox today on their announcement of the BP Crosstown Cup. In a phrase, this kicks ass. The annual Chi-town Crosstown Shoot Out is one of those experiences of legend and lore – every year passions flare, lines are drawn, Old Styles are drunk and if you’re anywhere in the city of Chicago you’re “calling in sick.” In short, it’s the equivalent of an unofficially sanctioned city-wide holiday.  more

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Jim Andrews Apr 21

Why Don’t More Big-time Sponsors Offer Big-time Perks To Customers?

Among the many sponsorship announcements I receive, one from a couple of weeks ago stood out. It was from the NBA Charlotte Bobcats, touting the fact that subscribers to Time Warner Cable in North Carolina and South Carolina would have an exclusive four-day opportunity to purchase playoff tickets before they went on sale to the general public. In case you have forgotten (or never knew), the Bobcats play in Time Warner Cable Arena.  more

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Jim Andrews Apr 15

FIFA’s Local Merchant Crackdown Offers Golden Opportunity For Sponsors

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on FIFA’s efforts to control ambush marketing and the sale of unlicensed merchandise in conjunction with the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.  more

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Jon Kander Mar 30

A Renewed Look at the WWE and Sponsorship of ‘Risky’ Properties

Growing up, I was a big fan of the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment). Last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw broadcast sent me on a trip down memory lane as I watched one of my favorite wrestlers growing up, Shawn Michaels “The Heartbreak Kid”, announce his retirement. Not going to lie, it got a little dusty in Kander Manor towards the end of his speech and when he left the ring for the ‘final’ time. (By the way, Shawn Michaels’ speech was everything that Michael Jordan’s Hall of Fame induction speech wasn’t – emotional, passionate, acknowledging his fans/colleagues for their support, etc.)  more

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Jim Andrews Mar 18

Presence Marketing Is Dead (Isn’t It?)

I thought we all agreed some years ago that the idea of a company showing up, being seen, putting its name on something and then counting eyeballs and impressions was a marketing concept whose time had come and gone, made obsolete by new technologies and no longer relevant in a world of consumers who demanded to be engaged. Well someone forgot to tell the many sports marketing experts I have seen quoted the past few days regarding Tiger Woods’ return to golf at The Masters. The consensus among this chattering class—many of them academics—is that Tiger’s return, in and of itself, will be a huge boon to the companies he still endorses because of the attention it will attract to him and, presumably, those marketers. Really?  more

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