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Jon Kander Sep 29

Is “Pay for Performance” the Newest Sponsorship Trend?

The French Football Federation (“FFF”), the national soccer body, is still feeling the effects from its less than stellar 2010 World Cup performance. The FFF recently had to pay out €4.5 million to its top-tier sponsors to compensate them for France’s first round exit from the 2010 World Cup.  more

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Jim Andrews Sep 10

Chase Paid $30 Million And Didn’t Get Title? Smart Move

The news that JPMorgan Chase signed a 10-year agreement with Madison Square Garden for a reported $30 million a year certainly raised many an eyebrow across the sponsorship industry earlier this week.  more

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Diane Knoepke Sep 1

Steal These Rules and Tools: TED Provides Guidelines for Affiliate Sponsorships

In its characteristically simple and get-to-the-point way, TED has created a springy little jumping-off point for any property that has a need or want to provide sponsorship guidelines to affiliate events or properties. Every single week I talk to organizations trying to reconcile the sponsorship priorities of a “big” or “core” property with the activities of satellite or component properties.  more

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Jim Andrews Aug 25

The WTA Argument: Do Title Sponsors Really Scare Off Other Partners?

As my colleague Bill Chipps reveals in IEG Sponsorship Report this week, the WTA Tour has decided not to market the title sponsorship position about to be given up by Sony Ericsson. (Subscribers can read the full story here.)  more

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Diane Knoepke Aug 2

Signs of Good Sponsorship: Old Style Shows Us How to Use the Most Old School of Sponsor Benefits

With family guests in town and Chicago’s perennial summer uptick in my and everyone else’s social calendar, the past couple weeks have been chock full of city fun: Cubs and Sox games (full disclosure: I bleed Cubby blue), symphony at Millennium Park, The Field Museum, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Science & Industry. . .  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 20

Stress-Testing Your Sponsorship: Are You Advancing a Movement or Marketing in Circles?

The “movement” is the thing for sponsorship heavy-hitters these days. Moving people to action—causing measurable behavior change—is the highly evolved, holy grail of return on sponsorship measurement. But instead of just counting coupons redeemed or pages “liked,” sponsors and properties are building real relationships, tracking long-term behaviors, and making changes in their businesses using the audiences, information and people-power they gather.  more

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Jim Andrews Jun 4

Friendly Fire: When Properties Are Behind Ambush Marketing Efforts

I know you are probably sick of hearing about ambush marketing, what with the general media back on the topic in advance of the FIFA World Cup tourney starting in South Africa next week, but I have a couple of salient points I’d like to share on the topic. The first (I’ll save the second for another post) has to do with a longtime pet peeve of ours here at IEG: self-ambush. This is when properties—or related properties such as leagues and their teams—sell rights and benefits that infringe on deals already sold.  more

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Jim Andrews May 25

Sponsors Come And Go, But End Of FedEx Orange Bowl Is Different

I’m very pleased and honored to be a guest blogger today on CNBC’s Sports Biz blog. Please click here to read what the end of the FedEx/Orange Bowl relationship says about how the medium has changed. more

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Lesa Ukman May 21

Why Aren’t Corporate Sponsors Optimizing Search Terms?

Official corporate sponsors of the 2008 and 2010 Olympics failed to optimize social media opportunities by ignoring search engine optimization. Now the official corporate sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup—including Adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates and Hyundai/Kia—are missing the boat. All are failing to link their activation to online search terms such as “soccer world cup” and “world cup 2010.” There is a huge volume of traffic surrounding these terms and sponsors have the rights to use them. So why aren’t they optimizing? Why isn’t FIFA advising them to do so?  more

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