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William Chipps Nov 25

T-Mobile Sees Success From Guerilla Marketing Campaign, Mulls Expanded Program For ’10

Festivals, Hispanic events and other types of local properties may want to put T-Mobile on their prospect list for ’10. T-Mobile this year saw success from a five-month guerilla marketing campaign in which the company sponsored more than 25 events ranging from local festivals to state and county fairs. Case in point: T-Mobile conducted more than 26,000 “Mobile Makeovers” and activated more than 5,000 new accounts at the events.  more

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Vinu Joseph Nov 25

Three Things Properties Should Be Thankful For

What would Thanksgiving be without dry turkey, family arguments and lame lists of things to be thankful for? Arbor Day, that’s what. Far be it from me to deprive you of a proper Thanksgiving. So without further ado, three things every property should be thankful for:  more

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Dan Kowitz Nov 24

Eco-Conscience Title Sponsorship for U.K. Sailing Team

Have you ever heard of a property donating an $8.3 million title sponsorship slot? Well you have now! Team Origin, a U.K. America’s Cup team founded by business man Keith Mills, is donating the title sponsorship of their team to Carbon Trust, an independent business set up by the U.K. government to affect positive change regarding low-carbon economies. Team Origin is an eco-conscience team at heart but they also believe this to be a good financial decision. “This is a different way of marketing sport and a model that has a lot of promise going forward” said Tom Delay, CEO of Carbon Trust. According to Mr. Delay “The team has said it believes in being sustainable in terms of our environmental impact, and we are going to attract a number of sponsors who all want to be associated with that as a core value.”  more

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Jim Andrews Nov 23

What In The Name Of Sponsorship…

I received a press release the other day from the Caged Heat Racing Series, a new motorsports property with plans to launch a 20-city series of arena racing events next April. If you’re interested in details about the circuit, you can find them at www.highoctanethrills.com. The release touted an opportunity for small businesses to become involved as sponsors of the series. Specifically, it offered the opportunity to pay $2,010 to be one of 2,010 associate sponsors. Benefits at that level include a Web site link, four T-shirts, four credentials to the race of your choice and a Caged Heat “certificate wall plaque for your office.” The release also says these sponsors will receive national media coverage, offering no details, but does it really matter in the face of such mind-boggling clutter? ia coverage, offering no details, but does it really matter in the face of such mind-boggling clutter? more

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Vinu Joseph Nov 17

Local Fairs and Festivals Lend Themselves to Partnerships

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at and attend the annual convention of the Michigan Festivals & Events Association. With an audience of local events—most operating on shoestring budgets and almost exclusively volunteer-run—I expected to find a predominance of cookie-cutter sponsorships, mass-mail proposals etc. While I came across several sponsorship don’ts, I was overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm for building genuine partnerships with local businesses. For the most part, these events are designed to draw tourism business to small towns throughout the state; so their success has a direct impact on local businesses, whether they are sponsors or not. While cash is still king, these events are also looking for ways to build buzz and drive attendance—objectives that don’t always demand cash. Such events would certainly seem ideal opportunities for events and businesses to collaborate.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 17

“As Seen On TV:” Sponsorship Lessons From Snuggie and Friends

There’s an aisle in just about every Walgreen’s and CVS in the US that my friends and I like to call the “Cheesy TV Aisle.” It’s that awesome aisle where you can learn everything from how to “set and forget” your way to a perfect roast, “bump it” to give your hair that sexy volume and “sham-wow” yourself out of a mess. To date, I’ve used this aisle primarily for two reasons: to kill time while my prescriptions are being filled and/or as a great place to pick up gag gifts for care packages for friends. Here’s the really funny part about all of this: three of these said, “Cheesy TV Aisle” products either have posted or are on target to rake in sales of $300 million or more. (And that is the sound of my jaw hitting the floor followed by the sound of me slopping down a serving of humble pie).   more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Nov 13

From the AFP Conference–Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Retention and Value Segments

I attended the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Midwest Conference on Philanthropy yesterday and although the content of the conference was not sponsorship focused, there were some insights that were very relevant to sponsorship. The opening session was led by Adrian Sargeant, the Robert F. Hartsook Professor of Fundraising at Indiana University. Even though the content of the session was focused on driving donor loyalty, there were several topics covered that are pertinent, and three that I would like to highlight. The concepts of retention and defection, lifetime value, and value segments all have a place in sponsorship. Because of the limited information available on some of these topics within fundraising, during his research Sargeant turned to insights developed on the consumer side.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 12

For Better or Worse, Sprint Gets “Real” on the Product Placement Front

I have no problem admitting I love partaking in some Real Housewives of Orange County viewing (or Atlanta, New Jersey, New York City, hell, it could be The Real Housewives of Des Moines and I’d probably watch). However, it is definitely not the first thing I bring up as conversational fodder when attempting to convey my personality and what I stand for. So, when I read today that Sprint is signed on as a sponsor of Bravo’s fifth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County,I was a bit… well, stunned I guess. For starters, here are the deets of the deal; Sprint will receive:  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 12

Don’t Rip the Gatekeeper’s Arms Off

If you have ever been nervous about giving a speech or presentation, you’ve probably heard that you should picture the audience members in their underwear. If you’ve ever tried it, chances are you know how bad that advice is. In that spirit, play this 12-second video for some bad advice on how to get past the gatekeeper in your next sales effort.  more

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