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Diane Knoepke Apr 15

Selling Sponsorship is Different from Fundraising! (And Why That is Total Bunk.)

I had always thought of fundraising and selling sponsorship as dramatically different disciplines. Even when my title included the word “Development” at one point in my career, and even when I ran a small annual giving campaign for an association, I never considered myself a fundraiser. Instead, I “sold sponsorship and marketing relationships,” and I “marketed a [pin] campaign.” I never “asked;” I “sold.” It wasn’t a judgment on either profession; I just put myself in one bucket and stayed there. And I had a lot of company in seeing the nonprofit world as a bucketed, black-and-white place when it comes to corporate relationships.  more

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Vinu Joseph Apr 1

I Pity the (April) Fool!

As a newshound, I can’t wait for April 2. April 1 seems like a constant cycle of clicking on a link to an interesting article and realizing within a paragraph it’s all a self-indulgent joke—and generally not a very funny one. Note to editors everywhere: The Onion’s on Line 1—you didn’t get the job.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Mar 30

The Doctor Is In: Advice for Blissful Sponsorship Unions

In the past 24 hours I’ve had two conversations that revolved around romantic entanglements and what one should do when they find themselves in one of two conundrums (keep reading, I swear this takes a sponsorship turn):  more

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Shelley Fasulko Mar 24

Shelley’s Number One Lesson from IEG 2010: You Are Not an Island

For a long time I’ve prided myself on being an independent gal, a true “Single Lady” that even Beyonce would give a head nod to in the club. Not surprisingly, I value this quality in others. I like the ballsy, brashness it takes to pack up your car, drive cross country with no idea what awaits you, or to start your own business on a whim and a prayer. However, as I reach the ripe old age of thirty, I’ve learned that this independence does not serve one well in all situations. In fact, if anything, it can be downright detrimental to tapping in to a greatness that you have to offer that lies on the other side of independent bad-ass-itude.  more

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Diane Knoepke Feb 24

Three Reasons Your Sponsorship Programs Are in the Losers Bracket

1. Gold.
2. Silver.
3. Bronze. I know, I know. It may be one of the most long-lasting, beat-to-death sponsorship arguments out there: what's wrong with organizing a corporate sponsorship program using monikers derived from precious metals? Why don’t I just give it up already, as some out there seem to be saying, "heck, why stop at gold, silver, and bronze when there are so many metals?” I've seen it go as far down as pewter. (What's next, wood and paper?!)  more

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Vinu Joseph Feb 22

Would You Price A Sponsorship Like You’d Price A Steak?

Would You Price A Sponsorship Like You’d Price A Steak? If you know IEG, you know we generally advise against selling sponsorship with an a la carte menu. Surprisingly enough, this idea was affirmed for me this weekend while listening to The Splendid Table, American Public Media’s outstanding weekly food show.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Feb 5

Leading with Activation

A property’s typical, linear approach to developing a sponsorship program is to gather assets, allocate those assets, create packages at various levels, solicit sponsors that seem to fit with the property and then hopefully sign a few sponsors at each level. Ultimately, the package may be slightly tweaked to offer benefits that are a better fit for the sponsor, but overall, it is still a pretty standard package. The activation of the sponsorship is left to the sponsor, possibly with some assistance from the property. There isn’t really anything wrong with this process, it makes sense, it follows a well-worn path and it has often proved successful. It makes allocating assets easier, it is easier to price and manage, and initially it is a lot easier and quicker to take to market.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jan 29

Help a Seller Out: Four Ways to Make the Case for More Sponsorship Staff

Most of you don’t have enough staff for sponsorship sales, account management and fulfillment right now. And a lot of you are spending too many lunches with friends talking about the situation when you could be talking about something more fun (like root canals, which seem to be a popular topic this week). The next time you are looking for the nearest bellyache buddy to share your aggravation about your organization’s lack of resources (as a former association seller, I’m speaking from considerable experience), spend that time building a case for more help.  more

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Rob Campbell Jan 13

Does Selling Short-term Sponsorship Weaken Your Brand?

The NFL has been on a recent kick of signing short-term sponsorship deals in the quick-service restaurant category. Most recently, the league announced this week a deal lasting through March 1 making Papa John’s the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and Super Bowl XLIV.  This sponsorship is very similar to the league’s relationship last year with KFC, in which the fast-feeder was the official wing of the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl XLIII.  more

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