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Ashley Wescott Nov 4

Revving up Sponsorship: Lessons from Motorcycle Properties

If you’re like me you’ve never been to a biker rally, but your head is full of preconceived notions of what a rally entails. For the purposes of my blog, erase from your mind those images of biker bar fights and think of motorcycle rallies as festivals that can be mined for sponsorship ideas just like any other property. Any festival, from Taste of Chicago to the small town county fair, can learn a few things from a biker rally.  more

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Jim Andrews Sep 15

Takeaways From ANA Sponsorship & Event Marketing Committee Meeting

Through our relationship with the Assn. of National Advertisers, IEG participated in yesterday’s quarterly meeting of the ANA’s Sponsorship & Event Marketing Committee, hosted in the beautiful conference facilities at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  more

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Jim Andrews Aug 31

Platform Exclusivity: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

One concept that I’ve seen properties begin to adopt lately, and which could become a larger sponsorship sales trend, is platform exclusivity. The idea is that only one corporate partner is permitted to activate in a specified channel or manner, e.g., mobile-device marketing, in-store retail promotions, use of video content, ticket giveaways, etc.  more

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Jim Andrews Aug 25

The WTA Argument: Do Title Sponsors Really Scare Off Other Partners?

As my colleague Bill Chipps reveals in IEG Sponsorship Report this week, the WTA Tour has decided not to market the title sponsorship position about to be given up by Sony Ericsson. (Subscribers can read the full story here.)  more

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Jim Andrews Jul 14

Why Do Properties’ Cause Overlays Leave Sponsors On The Sidelines?

A trend I have noticed lately involves rightsholders—primarily sports and entertainment properties—conducting cause-related promotions that bring attention to their events and organizations while benefiting a charitable group.  more

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Vinu Joseph May 13

Can Properties Be Too Smart For Their Own Good?

There’s a myth within our industry that sponsors are smarter than properties. Maybe it’s because sponsor decision-makers frequently come from a marketing-specific background, while properties draw from a larger pool of event managers and volunteers. Or maybe it’s because people assume that the side controlling the cash must know what it’s doing.  more

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Vinu Joseph May 4

Sponsorship Proposals: Is the Devil Really in the Details? Or Are You Missing the Forest for the Trees?

There’s a lot of unnecessary angst when it comes to sponsorship proposals. PowerPoint or a Word doc? Lots of pictures, lots of words or somewhere in between? E-mail or paper? The only universal truth to sponsorship proposals is that there is no universal truth to sponsorship proposals. Or, as am I’m wont to say, “It depends.”  more


Dan Kowitz May 3

For Sponsorship Sellers, Time = Money

It is amazing how spoiled we have become. We get instant information through texting, social media and the Internet. We can have dinner ready in five minutes or less in the microwave and then we can watch our favorite TV show in record time as we zip through the recorded version. In some cases, we can accomplish a task that used to take two hours perhaps, such as shopping for clothes at the mall, in less than 30 minutes sitting at home online. And all of this without ever having to speak with a single soul.  more


Jim Andrews Apr 27

Half A Million On A Web Site To Sell Sponsorship?

The folks that run the business side of Roush Fenway Racing have built a great organization and have done some very smart and innovative things when it comes to sponsorship. But if the stories out of Concord, N.C. are accurate, I have to question the team’s latest move. In short, news accounts say the team is spending close to $500,000 on redesigning its Web site, with the intention of using the site as a way to attract more corporate marketing dollars through sales videos, upgraded case studies and display of available inventory.  more

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