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William Chipps Aug 28

3-D TVs May Prompt New Sponsorship Spending

While many properties have written off the consumer electronics category due to the economy and subsequent pullback in discretionary consumer spending, JVC, LG and other companies may soon start seeking new deals to promote their latest-and-greatest products: 3-D TVs. At least one company has signed its first deal. Panasonic Consumer Electronics recently announced a tie-in with James Cameron’s new 3-D science fiction film Avatar on behalf of its 3-D-ready plasma screen TV and 3-D-enabled Blu-ray Disc player, both of which it plans to release next year. Panasonic will activate the tie by hosting Avatar viewing demonstrations in specially-designed trailers in the U.S. and Europe. Sources say the company plans to leverage Panasonic System Solutions Co.’s multi-million dollar partnership with AEG to host screenings at Southern California’s LA Live entertainment complex.  more

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William Chipps Aug 21

The Resurgence of the Auto Category

While the auto category has taken a major hit this year, recent activity seems to indicate the industry may be coming back to life. One early indicator: The return of ride-and-drive programs. For example, Lexus last weekend hosted test drive events at Old Fisherman’s Wharf and other locations in Monterey, Calif. “We’re seeing a resurgence in the auto category after pretty much nothing in the first two quarters,” said Beth Schnitzer, executive vice president for the California Partnership Marketing Group, which executed the program. Other recent initiatives include:  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Aug 17

The Elephant in the Room

The current state of the economy, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Unemployment is up, retail spending is down, consumer confidence is down, quarterly earning reports are down, stocks are up and then down, it is a lot to take in. Honestly, I am tired of hearing about it, reading about it, talking about it and living it (so of course I have to write about it). This recession has impacted everyone on so many levels and from all angles. It is ever present both personally and professionally. It has changed us in many ways and it isn’t going away as quickly as we would like it to. It is somewhat old news now, but I was thinking about the press earlier this year around banks that received TARP money and the attacks on their sponsorship spending. The remarks made by Sen. John Kerry and Congressman Barney Frank were misdirected and uninformed. I felt like their comments were a personal attack and I couldn’t understand why they would want to further hurt yet another industry. The marketing industry, including sponsorship, had already been feeling the effects of the weak economy.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Aug 12

The Power of Nostalgia and What is Old is New Again

What is it about nostalgia that is so engaging and why do brands that have successfully captured it stir up such an emotional response? Additionally, what are some current examples and what is the role of nostalgia in sponsorship? I don’t quite understand it, but consumers (me included) seem to respond to almost anything that is reminiscent of earlier times in their lives, and strangely enough, people often have a fondness for decades that occurred before their birth (think Kenley Collins from “Project Runway” and her fascination with fashion from the 40’s and 50’s). In fact, although most of us were not alive during the Great Depression, the 1930’s depression era is currently in vogue as we experience our own modern day economic uncertainty. Apparently, especially in times of turmoil, there is comfort in the familiar.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Aug 11

Luxury Fashion Brands Setting Trends In Mobile

At first I thought it was just Stella McCartney blazing a trail – being the daughter of a Beatle (even my least favorite Beatle) I think one’s DNA is pretty much laced with creativity and genius – but then Stella was joined by the likes of Coco, Christian and most recently Donna. In case you’re not as versed as this aspiring fashionista, I’m referring to Chanel, Dior, Donna Karan and their recent foray into the mobile marketing space with integrated campaigns and lifestyle apps. These luxury fashion brands are not just setting trends on the catwalk, but in the broader marketing space as they seem to be one of the few that have hit upon the right formula for engaging their audience in a long term and relevant way via the highly coveted third screen. Stella McCartney set the tone with a mobile holiday campaign back in December that mirrored window shopping via a mobile phone, allowed users to browse the current collection, take in a mobile fashion show and of course, locate a nearby store. The other labels followed suit with variations of similar campaigns with Donna Karan most recently blowing the strategy out to include several elements that up the personal engagement ante (e.g., Donna’s journal, Ask Donna section, Donna’s must-haves, DK Talk where Donna interviews friends and celebs, and DK Travel where Donna chronicles her recent travels).  more

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William Chipps Aug 10

A Rant on Return Phone Calls

OK, I admit it. This is more of a rant than anything substantial, but here’s something that really grates me: people that don’t return phone calls. I mean, come on. Let me know you don’t want to talk about a story I’m working. That’s fine, but do me the courtesy of letting me know. Pick up the phone and tell me. Don’t keep me waiting and waiting for your call—I’m going to waste your time and mine by making follow-up calls and emails. Some PR people are the worst. It’s their job to return calls! That’s public relations 101. Again, do me the courtesy of letting me know you don’t want to talk, or, worse yet, “participate in the story.” Don’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Aug 5

Product Placement & “Integrity Issues”

Since blogging last week about successful examples of branded integration a few things have happened:

  • The UK government announced that it’s considering allowing TV product placements for the first time ever;
  • The Journal of Marketing released a study stating that product placement is more effective than ever, and hence, we should all expect more of it, and last but not least;
  • A few of my loyal friends who read my blog and indulge me by feigning interest in my opinion, took me to bat for my apparent “endorsement” of product placement.
So, here’s my two cents on each of these:  more

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William Chipps Jul 30

Sponsorship Sales Tips: Preparing For Pent-up Demand

While sponsorship deal-making usually grinds to a halt during the dog days of summer—a situation that’s been exacerbated this year as a result of the economy—some veteran sellers are starting to see signs of looser budgets and more deals in 4Q ’09 and beyond. While that’s good news for the sponsorship industry, properties need to be more strategic than ever to capture those dollars. I recently spoke with Cary Chevat, president of sponsorship sales agency Sponsorship Resources, who shared some tips for securing deals during the 4Q decision-making time period.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Jul 28

The Recipe for Successful Branded Integration

I don’t watch much TV but I do indulge quite heartily in an oversized helping of Food Network from time to time. One thing Food Network has accomplished is integration of a varied portfolio of products/brands into its programming (from consumer packaged goods, to supermarket retailers, to restaurant chains, to film studios’ new releases, to incorporating cause overlays). In some cases it’s a miss – like when the contestants on Top Chef scuttle around a kitchen stocked with products by Glad, which evidently have transfixed some cameraman as he zooms longingly in on the hypnotic yellow packaging of ForceFlex trash bags. In other instances, it’s organic and seems right at home – like when chefs on Next Food Network Star raid the aisles of Whole Foods and compete to have their dish featured on Red Lobster’s menu. What seems to spell branded integration success – from my scientific and sophisticated couch-side analysis – is relevancy within the program and enhancement of the viewing experience. For example, the McFlurry on NBC’s 30 Rock – while controversial – was a nugget of comedic gold that made the episode more enjoyable for viewers. Subway as an option for Biggest Loser contestants, when not preparing their own meals, makes sense and compels others of us to think more healthfully when eating on-the-go.’s Project Runway challenge that put designers to the task of creating an eco-friendly dress for the reward of having their creation sold on bluefly’s site upped the ante and had viewers eagerly awaiting the verdict.  more

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