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Diane Knoepke Sep 16

Takeaways: When and How to Include Sponsors in Social Media

In conversations over the last week—with an association client or two, a group of zoos and aquarium sellers, and a financial services sponsor—the appropriate use of social networks for sponsorship activation has been a hot topic. How do we take sponsorships—those that live primarily off-line and those that have a foot firmly in both worlds—to the social nets? In keeping with the old mantra of “if one person has the question, probably a lot of people have the question”—here are a few takeaways from those conversations.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Sep 3

In Times of Economic Recession, Only Way To “Party On!” Is With Authenticity

Anyone who blogs on a regular basis knows that some days you need a little blog-spiration (yep, I’m coining that one). So, I took to my social networks to find out what the masses (e.g., my posse of LinkedIn, Twitter and facebook peeps) wanted to hear me weigh in on. And the results – drum roll please... more

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Shelley Fasulko Aug 26

Why No One Can Afford To Have Even One Unhappy Customer In The Digital Age

Some of you who read my blog regularly, or know me personally, are aware that I am in the process of relocating from Chicago to Austin. As one would expect, this process has required many things – namely, whittling my wardrobe to a reasonable size (in order to fit in my car) and spending a fair chunk of change repairing my car’s sputtering AC to make the cross-country drive more comfortable. As unpleasant as both of these tasks were, the process of closing various utility accounts, opening new ones and changing several service providers has been a bit more… trying. Now, let me disclaim this blog right now and say: this is not a blog to take out my frustrations on any one company or to take digs on any one company’s customer service. As a person who understands the importance of consumer research and feedback, I pride myself on always taking customer service surveys and more often than not, I find myself apologizing to anyone that handles my “issue” as I know their job is far too frequently thankless. Consider this a manifesto on the importance of customer service and the power of word-of-mouth in the digital age. That said, I cannot say that the experience of changing said accounts has been effortless or even successful (as I am still holding three various accounts pending closure in Chicago). Through this process I’ve learned that at one time one of my utility accounts had been taken out of my name and reopened in someone else’s (unbeknownst to me) and that your old wireless provider can in fact continue charging you after you’ve instructed them to stop using your automatic bill pay information. In fact, I’ve learned these things and been told that several of these hiccups were “my fault.”  As a human being, I find this frustrating. As a professional in the marketing/sponsorship world, I find it entirely unacceptable and worrisome as I can attest that this kind of service can damage a company’s reputation measurably.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Aug 11

Luxury Fashion Brands Setting Trends In Mobile

At first I thought it was just Stella McCartney blazing a trail – being the daughter of a Beatle (even my least favorite Beatle) I think one’s DNA is pretty much laced with creativity and genius – but then Stella was joined by the likes of Coco, Christian and most recently Donna. In case you’re not as versed as this aspiring fashionista, I’m referring to Chanel, Dior, Donna Karan and their recent foray into the mobile marketing space with integrated campaigns and lifestyle apps. These luxury fashion brands are not just setting trends on the catwalk, but in the broader marketing space as they seem to be one of the few that have hit upon the right formula for engaging their audience in a long term and relevant way via the highly coveted third screen. Stella McCartney set the tone with a mobile holiday campaign back in December that mirrored window shopping via a mobile phone, allowed users to browse the current collection, take in a mobile fashion show and of course, locate a nearby store. The other labels followed suit with variations of similar campaigns with Donna Karan most recently blowing the strategy out to include several elements that up the personal engagement ante (e.g., Donna’s journal, Ask Donna section, Donna’s must-haves, DK Talk where Donna interviews friends and celebs, and DK Travel where Donna chronicles her recent travels).  more

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Shelley Fasulko Aug 5

Product Placement & “Integrity Issues”

Since blogging last week about successful examples of branded integration a few things have happened:

  • The UK government announced that it’s considering allowing TV product placements for the first time ever;
  • The Journal of Marketing released a study stating that product placement is more effective than ever, and hence, we should all expect more of it, and last but not least;
  • A few of my loyal friends who read my blog and indulge me by feigning interest in my opinion, took me to bat for my apparent “endorsement” of product placement.
So, here’s my two cents on each of these:  more

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Shelley Fasulko Jul 28

The Recipe for Successful Branded Integration

I don’t watch much TV but I do indulge quite heartily in an oversized helping of Food Network from time to time. One thing Food Network has accomplished is integration of a varied portfolio of products/brands into its programming (from consumer packaged goods, to supermarket retailers, to restaurant chains, to film studios’ new releases, to incorporating cause overlays). In some cases it’s a miss – like when the contestants on Top Chef scuttle around a kitchen stocked with products by Glad, which evidently have transfixed some cameraman as he zooms longingly in on the hypnotic yellow packaging of ForceFlex trash bags. In other instances, it’s organic and seems right at home – like when chefs on Next Food Network Star raid the aisles of Whole Foods and compete to have their dish featured on Red Lobster’s menu. What seems to spell branded integration success – from my scientific and sophisticated couch-side analysis – is relevancy within the program and enhancement of the viewing experience. For example, the McFlurry on NBC’s 30 Rock – while controversial – was a nugget of comedic gold that made the episode more enjoyable for viewers. Subway as an option for Biggest Loser contestants, when not preparing their own meals, makes sense and compels others of us to think more healthfully when eating on-the-go.’s Project Runway challenge that put designers to the task of creating an eco-friendly dress for the reward of having their creation sold on bluefly’s site upped the ante and had viewers eagerly awaiting the verdict.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Jul 21

Non Profits Hit Creative “On” Button

I’ll admit, in the past I’ve not monitored the non-profit space as vigilantly as several other sectors and topics within the sponsorship industry. One reason is probably because I held an ill-conceived misconception that when it came to creativity I wasn’t going to find anything too earth shattering going on there. Well, let me just say the non profit world handed me my butt this week as I spotted two highly creative campaigns integrating two forms of marketing that can be tricky to get a handle on — mobile and guerilla marketing. UNICEF is upping its technological savvy to appeal to a new generation of donors by adding mobile and web enhancements to its 59th annual Trick-or-Treat campaign (the longest running youth volunteer activity in the U.S.). The mobile element of this campaign incorporates mobile giving via text — phone users text in to donate cash which is billed directly to their phone bill. No muss, no fuss in the form of entering billing info and filling in a variety of personal info fields. UNICEF has also created downloadable activity sheets, fundraising ideas, Halloween party ideas and e-card reminders. These campaign “upgrades” intrigue me not because they consider how a youthful target audience operates (with a cell glued to their hand) — that’s nothing new a million marketers haven’t honed in on before — but because it goes a step further than a text announcement, opt-in or coupon. It connects with a generation being dubbed the most conscious and charitable ever and thinks about how they might want to not just communicate, but also give. Check it out here.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 10

Where the Moms Are, Ideas Wait for You (Theme Park Edition)

Dear theme parks and sponsors who want to reach families with children: Moms (and Dads) have a message for you. Whether it’s a season pass to a nearby Six Flags or a pilgrimage to a Disney land or world, parents are online talking about how to take the family to an amusement park without asking for a loan from the kids’ piggy banks. And while they chat, they are laying out a wealth of information about the types of promotions and amenities that would succeed for sponsors and parks alike. A few examples, of many:  more

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Shelley Fasulko Jul 9

Your Biggest Digital Asset Just Might Be Your Peeps

I know many of us have tried to block it out, but I’m going to ask you to remember back to the days when you were locked in a room to take placement tests in middle/junior high school… What I remember most about these tests (besides for the obvious trauma they caused me) were the “scenario” questions meant to gauge one’s “problem solving ability.” You know the drill, it went something like this: “If New York time is three hours ahead of San Francisco time, what time would it be in New York if a San Francisco clock one hour behind the time shows 4 o’clock?” WHA…?!!!!  more

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