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Shelley Fasulko Jun 19

Sponsored Content — Pick or Pan?

I have a love-hate relationship with sponsored content and my fear is that too many consumers have a flat out “hate-it” relationship with it. This fear is based on nothing more than sociological observation. During my daily commute, whilst precariously balancing my Starbucks to avoid burns, and adjusting the volume on my iPod to prevent dirty glares, I make a habit of observing my fellow train passengers’ behavior. It’s no rarity to see people breeze right past the sponsored insert in the middle of the free daily — or  worse, drop it right on the train floor. While it pains me to say it, I must admit, if it weren’t for my personal investment in the world of marketing I would likely do the same. Sponsored content — done right — is an incredibly valuable benefit to all parties involved: sponsor, rightsholder and audience. We all know the trick is making it so compelling that the audience wants to engage with it. When it comes to sponsored content there are definitely deal breakers that compel us to either pick or pan the content.  more

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