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Diane Knoepke Sep 16

Takeaways: When and How to Include Sponsors in Social Media

In conversations over the last week—with an association client or two, a group of zoos and aquarium sellers, and a financial services sponsor—the appropriate use of social networks for sponsorship activation has been a hot topic. How do we take sponsorships—those that live primarily off-line and those that have a foot firmly in both worlds—to the social nets? In keeping with the old mantra of “if one person has the question, probably a lot of people have the question”—here are a few takeaways from those conversations.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Sep 3

In Times of Economic Recession, Only Way To “Party On!” Is With Authenticity

Anyone who blogs on a regular basis knows that some days you need a little blog-spiration (yep, I’m coining that one). So, I took to my social networks to find out what the masses (e.g., my posse of LinkedIn, Twitter and facebook peeps) wanted to hear me weigh in on. And the results – drum roll please... more

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Vinu Joseph Sep 3

The Importance of an Integrated Sponsorship Selection Strategy

I’ve said in this space before that sponsors can’t be all things to all people—particularly when it comes to hot-button political issues. But this story about Verizon Wireless left me shaking my head. The long and short of it is that a local Verizon Wireless office has paid $1,000 for the opportunity to sell phones at the Friends of America Rally in West Virginia. The event appears designed to promote the coal industry and to stir opposition against current environmental measures making their way through Congress. Verizon Wireless is taking a beating for its involvement—which doesn’t represent an endorsement of the event’s message, but still doesn’t look good for a company that touts its green credentials.  more

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Diane Knoepke Aug 3

Central Intelligence: Cultural Considerations for Sponsorship Buyers

In my last post, I shared my observations on how culture impacts—and should impact—the way sponsorship sellers create their strategies. In this post, I’m taking a look at the buyers, for whom culture is a much different thing. Buyers
To once again oversimplify, a company’s sponsorship selection (to buy or not to buy) and sponsorship evaluation (to renew or not to renew) strategy is a process that screens each opportunity against a set of criteria. Those criteria are built to measure a given opportunity’s likelihood to help the company meet its objectives. This includes opportunities where the company instigates the conversation and/or the property cold calls.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 23

Coming Clean: Cultural Considerations for Sponsorship Sellers

I get a fair number of questions about “sponsorship models”—as in, which sponsorship model will work for my organization or company? Frankly, I bristle at this, as it is the strategic equivalent to handing out oversized oven mitts to do the dishes, when only custom-sized rubber gloves will do. Thus, in this post, I’m speaking to how each property’s unique culture impacts strategy creation. In my next post, I’ll speak to how culture comes in to play for sponsors’ buying strategies.  more

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Diane Knoepke Jul 14

The Answer Lies Within — Not Without (Our Letter to the JAMA Editor)

Per a recent request of a couple of medical society CEOs, I am posting the letter we submitted to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Editor back in April 2009. JAMA did not publish it, and I’ve been asked to make it available to the community. Would love to hear your thoughts.  more

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Dan Kowitz Jun 15

Should Sponsor ID Be Placed on a Zoo Animal?

Let me be clear. Sponsor names and logos should NOT be placed on a zoo animal! But the question reflects how heated this discussion can become within a zoo or any other cultural institution. My career has included several years as director of sponsorship at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, as well as working with many zoos, aquariums and museums in my position here at IEG. Time and again in my work there has been healthy debate and disagreement within cultural institutions about where sponsor ID can be placed, or the appropriate size of the logo. Every department within the institution wants and needs the revenue that comes from corporate sponsorship, but they don’t all want to recognize the sponsor with appropriate logo recognition. In this instance, the word “appropriate” is the key to the solution. Every corporate sponsor and sponsorship professional realizes that a zoo is not the same kind of venues as a sports stadium or NASCAR. With sponsorship comes a need to provide logo recognition to the sponsor, and consumers are accustomed to this in most, if not all, venue types. Museums and aquariums do not need to provide the size and type of recognition seen at the football stadium. However, if sponsorship revenue is important to the institution, some type of logo recognition is a must, and don’t make the consumer have to bring a magnifying glass to see the logo!  more

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