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Shelley Fasulko Nov 12

For Better or Worse, Sprint Gets “Real” on the Product Placement Front

I have no problem admitting I love partaking in some Real Housewives of Orange County viewing (or Atlanta, New Jersey, New York City, hell, it could be The Real Housewives of Des Moines and I’d probably watch). However, it is definitely not the first thing I bring up as conversational fodder when attempting to convey my personality and what I stand for. So, when I read today that Sprint is signed on as a sponsor of Bravo’s fifth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County,I was a bit… well, stunned I guess. For starters, here are the deets of the deal; Sprint will receive:  more

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Dan Kowitz Nov 12

Experienced-based Sponsorship is Award-winning for Clorox

For years we have been talking about how sponsorship has become much more than just hanging banners for visibility. It provides a platform to truly engage with consumers and potential customers. When sponsorships are designed around an enhanced user experience, the outcomes are typically much more fruitful for all involved. The deal is executed in an authentic way and the property, the sponsor and the consumer all win.  more

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Carrie Urban Kapraun Nov 12

Carrie’s Top Ten (Mostly Sponsorship Related) List

There were some pretty big sponsorship news stories during the past week or two and since everyone else seems to have a top ten list, I wanted to do one too. Plus, doing a top ten list pretty much guarantees at least some people will be interested. Personally, I always turn to the top ten lists in magazines first and click on any news stories that say “Top Ten”. Maybe this will be the beginning of a series…hmm…enjoy!  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 11

Cleveland Cavs Go One-and-One from the Promotion Line

While cruising through the status updates of my peeps on Facebook I saw the Cleveland Cavaliers had posted this offer: “Talk about a slam dunk! We want to share one of our best perks with you! Our friends at Quicken Loans give us a great discount on home loans as part of their exclusive benefit program, The Mortgage Insiders. But you can get it too! Just ask about adding the Mortgage Insiders Benefit Program to your workplace benefits.... Be part of the winning team by participating with the Cavs, Cleveland Clinic, UPS, Microsoft, Dell and others and become a Mortgage Insider today!”  more

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Jim Andrews Nov 6

Smart Sponsorship; Questionable Activation

Received a press release yesterday from Pheasants Forever, a nonprofit conservation and hunting-oriented organization, announcing that Miller High Life will again be the official beer of the group, extending a longtime relationship. MillerCoors will overlay the sponsorship with an on- and off-premise promotion that raises funds for PF. The Miller High Life Rooster Promotion allows adult consumers to purchase paper roosters for either $1 or $5, with “net funds raised” going to local PF chapters to fund wildlife habitat projects. more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 5

Extreme Makeover: Sponsorship Edition (Episode #1)

Don’t be alarmed, at no point during this blog post will a floating ad featuring Ty Pennington jump out of this blog post and scream at you through a megaphone. We all have our armchair quarterback moments, where we see something we would have done differently to enhance a campaign or partnership. And then we see some that nag us because they have potential and yet need a bit of an overhaul. Right partners, not-quite-right relationship. Just a note: as we have so much merging and converging of ideas and relationship types in our industry today—I’m going to use “sponsorship” fairly broadly and cover corporate relationships like added-value advertising and cause marketing as well.  more

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Shelley Fasulko Nov 5

7-Eleven Makes Moves – What Could It Mean For YOU?

I remember when I first started working for IEG I began learning all these “obvious” tips from my colleagues. I emphasize “obvious” because they were common sense things that it had NEVER occurred to me to do when I was on the other side, selling sponsorship for a property.  One of those things was monitoring the local and national news outlets and trade/industry publications for sponsorship targets and trends. I was green, what can I say? To that end, I always pass this tip along to my clients. Most of them are smarter than I was, and already doing this. But it’s not just a matter of monitoring these sources – it’s also knowing what to look for. So who have I had my eye on this week? Thank heaven, it’s 7-Eleven! Just this week 7-Eleven has made two announcements:  more

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Diane Knoepke Nov 4

ReMIND Campaign is a Sign of Tweets to Come

In case you haven’t seen it, the Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF) has launched ReMIND.org, an initiative to spur consumer action in support of U.S. troops. While the Foundation provides support to members of the military, veterans and military families, the ReMIND initiative turns to the public with an awareness and fundraising goal. ReMIND has two big things going on right now:  more

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Vinu Joseph Nov 4

CIT Bankruptcy Provides a Reason for Properties to Reach Out to Sponsors

CIT Group—one of the largest financiers of independent retailers and retailer franchisees—filed for bankruptcy over the weekend. Companies like CIT provide the short-term financing necessary for retailers to stock their shelves; CIT represents 70% of a market estimated at upwards of $60 billion. The bankruptcy had been expected, so retailers have been prepared, particularly with the all-important holiday season coming up.  more

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