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Get Closer

IEG has a new Web site, new logo and new tagline.

More than just a cosmetic change, we are purposefully launching a new brand identity to ensure that IEG stays relevant to you and the profoundly shifting world of sponsorships and partnerships.

For three decades, IEG has been at the center of the conversation around sponsorship. We remain at that exciting nexus, committed to the idea that partnerships are the best way to engage with consumers, customers, employees and other stakeholders.

But as our industry has grown more sophisticated, the conversation is changing. So is IEG.

To offer brands and rightsholders the solutions you need, IEG is focused on delivering insights to clients, fueled by the analytics and metrics that we continue to create. Working one on one with leading sponsors and properties will allow us to evolve sponsorship in new and important ways—ensuring it delivers on its potential, receives its proper place in brand strategy and impacts the growth of businesses and organizations.

IEG is venturing to new and exciting places through our enhanced role. But none of what you have come to rely on us for is going away:

  • Our commitment to sponsorship’s growth remains unwavering
  • We will continue to innovate, anticipate what’s next and share fresh ideas
  • We will always enhance the dialogue, provoke new thinking and steward the sponsorship community
  • We will provide a range of solutions relevant to organizations and brands at every level

In short, we are doing more for our industry and more for you. Please visit the completely redesigned sponsorship.com to learn more about IEG’s advisory, measurement and information services, as well as to join the conversation.

IEG’s brand identity and positioning is summed up in our new tagline: Get Closer, which embodies what we do for you through our client-focused advisory and measurement services; our information, events and training resources; and our connections to the community of new ideas and experiences.

For Brands

Get Closer than you have ever been to determining your sponsorships’ return on investment

Get Closer to your customers and consumers through truly engaging partnerships

Get Closer to the right opportunities that will exceed objectives

For Properties

Get Closer to your current and prospective corporate partners

Get Closer to your maximum revenue potential

Get Closer to the tailored business solutions your sponsors require

For Everyone

Get Closer to understanding the fair market value of your sponsorships

Get Closer to evaluation and guidance that will raise your sponsorship game

Get Closer to insights and ideas that result in long-term success

Our Team

Each of our leaders demonstrates the committed, independent, insightful, creative and nimble qualities you will find in every IEG team member. Click on the photos below to learn more about each one.

Laren Ukman Lesa Ukman Jim Andrews Dan Kowitz

Our Passion

Getting sponsorship right requires the expertise, knowledge and fresh thinking that only IEG brings to the table. Get to know our team through a series of video interviews about each member’s passion. Learn More >

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